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General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton Teases Jason Morgan’s Return Amidst DOOL Contract?



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Top 5 Takeaways & General Hospital Spoilers:

1. Steve Burton’s Ambiguous Hint: Steve Burton, best known for his role as Jason Morgan on “General Hospital”, recently hinted at a possible return to GH. Despite his ongoing contract with “Days of Our Lives” as Harris Michaels, his Instagram stories and posts have left many speculating on his comeback.

2. DOOL vs. GH Timing: The filming schedules for DOOL and GH vary. Steve has been with DOOL for about six months on a one-year contract, whereas GH’s filming is about six weeks ahead. This raises questions on how his return might be scheduled if the rumors are true.

3. Wally Kurth’s Podcast Revelations:Wally Kurth, an actor known for roles on both DOOL and GH, hinted in a podcast interview that Steve might be making a comeback to GH. Though the hint was subtle, fans were quick to pick up on the potential spoiler.

4. The Instagram Post that Fueled Rumors: Steve’s recent post on Instagram, where he vaguely referred to “changes” concerning seasons and weather, has further fueled the return speculation. Many fans believe this to be a cryptic message indicating his GH comeback.

5. Jason Morgan’s Importance in Port Charles: Jason Morgan’s character has a significant role in Port Charles, often being the go-to person in times of crisis. Given the ongoing situations and characters in need of assistance, his return would be timely.

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Are General Hospital Spoilers Indicating a Jason Morgan Comeback?

Whispers, hints, and speculations have recently flooded the soap opera community, primarily stemming from an intriguing Instagram story by Steve Burton. For those out of the loop, here’s the rundown on the latest General Hospital spoilers.

Steve Burton, adored by many for his iconic role as Jason Morgan in “General Hospital”, had left his fans in a lurch after signing a one-year contract with “Days of Our Lives” to portray Harris Michaels. But with more than half of that year already behind us, the underlying question remains: Is Jason Morgan truly gone for good?

Diving deeper into the rabbit hole, Wally Kurth, a familiar face to both “Days of Our Lives” and “General Hospital” enthusiasts, further stoked the flames. In a recent podcast interview with his current DOOL co-star Steve, Kurth subtly hinted that Burton might soon be back in the halls of GH. But, as with all things soap, the details were veiled, and fans had to skillfully read between the lines.

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But why the heightened speculation? Well, since the release of that podcast, the rumor mill is buzzing about Steve’s imminent return to GH. However, a crucial piece of information fans must remember is the difference in taping schedules between DOOL and GH. While Steve’s DOOL commitment is inching towards its completion, GH’s taping is cruising about six weeks ahead.

Then, there’s the ambiguous Instagram post by Burton. While the post spoke about change and seasons, the die-hard Jason fans are convinced it’s a cryptic message about his return. It’s clear they’re parsing his every word, hoping that the changes ahead point towards his GH homecoming.

Moreover, considering the current chaos in Port Charles, it’s apparent there are certain predicaments only Jason could handle. This has only further fueled the fans’ hope for Burton’s return. 

General Hospital spoilers aside, the fans have a divided opinion on the DOOL pairing of Harris-Ava Vitali. While some are intrigued by the new dynamics, for the hardcore GH audience, no duo can replace the essence of Jason and Carly. An interesting turn saw Harris assisting Ava to escape from a mental health facility, leading them on an adrenaline-pumping chase to clear her name.

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To sum it all up, whether you’re Team DOOL or Team GH, the possibility of Steve Burton’s return as Jason Morgan has the entire soap opera fandom buzzing with excitement. Only time will tell if these General Hospital spoilers hold any water or if they’re just another wild goose chase in the world of soaps.


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  1. Wanda Davis

    September 11, 2023 at 10:34 am

    For God’s sake do the world a favor put Jason back on GH

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