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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen and Alex’s Steamy Lip-Lock Leads to Unexpected Consequences

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Kristen and Alex’s passionate kiss during the week of March 25 could lead to a shocking obsession and twisted scheme.



Days of Our Lives spoilers Kristen DiMera and Alex Kiriakis

Sparks Fly and Schemes Crumble on ‘Days of Our Lives’

Table of Contents

Kristen and Alex’s Steamy Kiss

Okay, Salem…buckle up! Kristen DiMera is back to her old tricks, pulling out the big guns – and by guns, I mean a steamy, passionate kiss planted firmly on Alex Kiriakis. But hey, what else would you expect from a woman with a penchant for stirring up trouble? And guess what? This dramatic move looks like it could backfire in a big way.

Theresa’s Messy Love Triangle

Meanwhile, Theresa Donovan is in a messy love triangle of her own. Poor thing’s got her head spinning – Tate Black’s legal woes, that complicated thing she has going on with Alex, and now this pressure from Konstantin Meleounis. If only she could sort out her heart…or at least get her schedule straight!

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Alex’s Lingering Feelings for Theresa

You see, Alex is still hung up on Theresa. Heck, he even had that grand proposal plan, but something about a ring and a public meltdown kinda short-circuited the whole thing, didn’t it? Meanwhile, Kristen, always lurking…she pounces. That kiss she laid on Alex? Let’s just say it set tongues wagging across Salem Square.

Kristen’s Potential Revenge on Alex

But here’s where things get interesting – could Alex start to fall for Kristen? The guy has a history of, shall we say, intense attachments. Wouldn’t it be the sweetest revenge for Kristen to get a taste of that same relentless pursuit she always dishes out? Talk about reaping what you sow!

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Tongues Wagging Across Salem Square

That kiss she laid on Alex? Let’s just say it set tongues wagging across Salem Square.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kristen DiMera and Alex Kiriakis share a passionate kiss that could lead to unexpected consequences.
  2. Theresa Donovan is caught in a messy love triangle involving Alex Kiriakis and Konstantin Meleounis.
  3. Alex Kiriakis is still hung up on Theresa Donovan, despite their recent proposal mishap.
  4. Kristen DiMera’s kiss with Alex Kiriakis could potentially backfire and lead to Alex becoming obsessed with her.
  5. The steamy kiss between Kristen DiMera and Alex Kiriakis has become the talk of Salem Square.


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