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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Xander Discovers Shocking Evidence on Justin’s Flash Drive

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Xander and Sarah team up to prove Victoria’s father’s innocence after discovering crucial evidence on Justin’s flash drive.



Days of Our Lives spoilers Xander and Sarah determined and hopeful

Table of Contents

Wendy’s Traumatic Return

Wendy’s home, but it’s clear things aren’t back to normal. Can you blame her? After losing her brother, that terrifying kidnapping, – the girl was lucky to even be alive! Tripp’s starting to see just how much that messed her up. Poor thing can’t catch a break.

Xander and Sarah’s Mission to Expose Rafe

Speaking of breaks, get ready for a jaw-dropper. Remember that flash drive Justin slipped Xander? Well, our boy Xander dug through it and found some seriously juicy stuff. So juicy, he spilled it all to Sarah. Now, these two are on a mission – they’re heading straight for Rafe to blow this case wide open!

Everett’s Mind-Bending Session with Marlena

Meanwhile, Everett had a mind-bending session with Marlena. He’s sharing all the crazy details with Stephanie, but Jada isn’t buying it. Honestly, who can blame her after everything we’ve seen lately? Skepticism is the name of the game around here.

Ava and Harris’s Cozy Date at the Bistro

Speaking of games, how about Ava and Harris? Looks like they’re getting cozy over at the Bistro! Fancy wine, a private table… maybe these two are more than just friends?

April 3rd Teaser: Salem Drama Heats Up

Hold on, folks – that’s just a taste of what’s coming on April 3rd! Tune in tomorrow and get ready for the Salem drama to heat up!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Wendy is struggling after her traumatic experiences.
  2. Xander and Sarah plan to expose Rafe with incriminating evidence.
  3. Everett’s session with Marlena leaves Stephanie intrigued but Jada skeptical.
  4. Ava and Harris seem to be more than just friends.
  5. The drama in Salem is about to intensify on April 3rd.


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