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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Xander Plots Revenge on Stefan– Will Sarah Support His Cunning Plan?

Spoilers reveal Xander’s plan to bring Stefan down. Will Sarah back his quest for payback?



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Xander’s Revenge Plan – Days of Our Lives Drama

Xander’s Revenge Plan: Will He Get Creative to Take Down Stefan?

Table of Contents

The Tangled Mess

Talk about a tangled mess! ‘Days of Our Lives’ fans, you won’t want to miss this. It looks like Xander Cook is getting ready to rumble, and let’s just say, Stefan DiMera should probably start sweating.

Xander Promises Payback

Xander’s already sniffing out Stefan’s involvement in that whole framing fiasco. The guy almost sent Sarah’s husband to the slammer – talk about low! So, we all know Xander promised Sarah that Stefan would pay, and boy, is he about to deliver.

A Changed Xander

But here’s the thing: Xander’s a changed man. Remember those old days? He might’ve gone all wild west on Stefan! But now, he’s got little Victoria and a commitment to Sarah that keeps him grounded. No way he’s risking more jail time!

Stefan’s Weakness: Gabi

So, what’s a guy to do? Well, Stefan’s got a major weakness, and it comes in the form of a certain feisty Mrs. DiMera – Gabi Hernandez! Looks like Xander might just use that to his advantage.

Xander’s Sting Operation?

Word is, a new actress is stepping into Gabi’s shoes this summer. Could this mean Xander’s got some dirty laundry on Stefan to spill? Remember, Stefan wasn’t exactly faithful with Ava Vitali – that secret’s gotta be burning a hole in his pocket. Maybe Xander’s even planning a little sting operation. A well-timed confession recorded for Gabi to hear? Now, that would be juicy! And you know what? Sarah might even be on board. After all, Gabi deserves to know what kind of man she married, right?

Here’s the bottom line, folks: ‘Days of Our Lives’ is about to get a whole lot more dramatic, and Stefan better watch his back.

Top 5 Takeaways

1. Xander is furious with Stefan. 2. Xander’s plotting revenge but wants to avoid legal trouble. 3. Gabi Hernandez could be the key to Xander’s plan. 4. Stefan’s past with Ava Vitali might come back to haunt him. 5. Sarah could get involved in Xander’s revenge scheme.


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