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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives 4.30 Recap: Chanel DiMera’s Battle with Radiation Poisoning – A Medical Mystery Grips Salem!

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Chanel DiMera faces a critical health scare with potential radiation poisoning in Salem.



DOOL recap Chanel

Days of Our Lives Recap, April 30: Everett Insults Marlena for Suggesting Hypnosis, John’s Concern About Memory Loss

Table of Contents

  1. Chad Confronts Paulina About Misconduct
  2. Chanel Shows Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning
  3. Everett Insults Marlena for Suggesting Hypnosis
  4. Maggie and Julie Discuss Prenup with Konstantin
  5. John Experiences Memory Loss Under Konstantin’s Influence

Chad Confronts Paulina About Misconduct

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Tuesday, April 30, tease that Chad DiMera visited Paulina Price’s office. He brought up the tip he received about her misconduct and endangering the public’s safety by abusing her power.

Paulina assumed the info came from EJ DiMera, and she appeared doubtful when Chad maintained that he had not talked to his brother in a long time. Despite the situation, Paulina stood firm in her defense of her actions and refused to back down when faced with Chad’s questions.

Once Paulina confirmed that Chanel DiMera was safe and sound and everyone she exposed was unharmed, she decided her daughter’s health was all that mattered.

Chanel Shows Symptoms of Radiation Poisoning

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Stephanie Johnson was surprised when she discovered that Sweet Bits had shut down in the town square.

Chanel rushed to offer her apologies after oversleeping this morning. Shortly after, Johnny DiMera showed up to explain he had rushed to get Chanel to the bakery.

Despite Chanel’s offer to provide Stephanie’s client with pastries “on the house,” Stephanie insisted that she only waited for two minutes and had no issue paying for them.

During Chanel’s absence at Sweet Bits, Stephanie informed Johnny that Wendy Shin and Tripp Johnson had left for Hong Kong. This news surprised Johnny as Wendy never said goodbye to him.

Later, Johnny talked with Chanel about potentially reconsidering EJ’s job offer at DiMera Enterprises.

While the job isn’t Johnny’s dream, he must secure employment. And there are minimal film job opportunities in Salem.

Eventually, Paulina ended up with Chanel and Johnny. She expressed her frustration with EJ’s going after her through Chad. Paulina asks Johnny to put in a good word with Chad and asks for his assistance to help with EJ. Johnny agrees to help her.

Chanel kneels over from exhaustion. It wasn’t long before she felt queasy, sending her to the bathroom to get some relief. After Chanel’s return, Johnny noticed that she was showing symptoms of radiation poisoning, which were the same ones Kayla Johnson told them to look out for. Despite Chanel’s reluctance, Johnny and Paulina insisted on taking her to the hospital.

Everett Insults Marlena for Suggesting Hypnosis

During Tuesday’s episode of DOOL, Marlena Evans met up with Everett Lynch, also known as Robert “Bobby” Stein, at the pub. She inquired if he had reconsidered his decision about therapy.

Marlena was puzzled when Everett, who had told her he was quitting therapy, then told Stephanie he hadn’t. According to Everett, he didn’t want to make Marlena look like a “quack” in front of Stephanie by using hypnosis techniques. In response, Marlena proposed finding a different therapist, but he declined.

Stephanie visits The Spectator and brings some presents for Chad’s children. This allows her the opportunity to have a conversation with Everett.

Despite being in a bad mood due to his frustration with an article he was writing, Stephanie was relieved that Everett’s mood had nothing to do with the signing of the divorce papers. Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Everett says that he has no desire to be involved with Jada Hunter or Bobby at all.

Everett wants to leave Bobby in the past and live in the moment. It confuses Stephanie as she thought Everett was making progress in therapy. Despite everything, Everett was determined to keep moving forward and creating new memories—hopefully with Stephanie.

At some point, Chad arrives and accepts the gifts for the children, who cannot wait to see Stephanie. Chad asked Stephanie to join him playing games with Thomas DiMera and Charlotte DiMera over the weekend.

Maggie and Julie Discuss Prenup with Konstantin

Maggie Kiriakis told Julie Williams at the Kiriakis mansion about her marriage to Konstantin Meleounis. Julie expressed concern for Maggie’s financial well-being and hoped she had taken the necessary precautions with a prenup.

Maggie explained about the prenup, which Julie saw as positive news. Ultimately, Julie showed her support since Maggie was determined to help Konstantin.

During their meeting, Chad also spoke with Julie and obtained her version of the events on Smith Island. Julie appeared to be annoyed with Paulina for jeopardizing everyone’s safety.

John Experiences Memory Loss Under Konstantin’s Influence

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Konstantin met with John Black in his office to discuss updates on the prenuptial agreement. He requested that John break into the Kiriakis safe and steal it.

Konstantin was in the middle of issuing his instructions to “The Pawn” when Marlena interrupted by knocking on the door and calling out for John. Konstantin then again presented the card to John, breaking him out of his programming trance.

When John was disoriented and opened the door for Marlena, Konstantin informed them that he wanted to extend an invitation to his marriage ceremony with Maggie.

After Konstantin left, John confessed that he couldn’t recall the specifics of his discussion with him—and this was not the first time he’s experienced memory loss.

According to Marlena, John’s brain may be protecting him from recalling memories associated with Konstantin. However, he believes there is another explanation and appears to be concerned. John was disoriented and followed Marlena’s suggestion to take him home.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say that Konstantin will continue to cause trouble, but he will ultimately face consequences for his actions.

DOOL fans, do you think Chanel has radiation poisoning? When do you think Konstantin will be exposed? Keep watching Days of Our Lives, which is streaming on weekdays on PeacockTV.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Chanel exhibited symptoms of radiation poisoning.
  2. Everett insulted Marlena for suggesting hypnosis therapy.
  3. Konstantin manipulated John into memory loss.
  4. Maggie discussed her prenup with Konstantin.
  5. Paulina refused to back down about misconduct.


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