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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn’s Mission to Find Dex with Spinelli’s Help

Josslyn Jacks enlists Damian Spinelli to find Dex Heller in a heartfelt mission on General Hospital.



General Hospital spoilers Josslyn Jacks Dex Heller Damian Spinelli
General Hospital Weekly Spoilers

General Hospital Weekly Spoilers

Anticipation is building in Port Charles this week as secrets stand ready to unravel on “General Hospital.”

Table of Contents

Josslyn’s Mission to Find Dex

Josslyn Jacks has set in motion a plan to reunite with her boyfriend, Dex Heller, after learning Sonny Corinthos was behind his disappearance. Though grateful Dex is safe, her resolve is unchanged, and she enlists tech expert Damian Spinelli to aid her quest before time runs out.

Nina’s Attempt to Reconcile with Sonny

Meanwhile, Nina Reeves seeks to mend fences with Sonny, further entangling the web of relationships around them.

Carly’s Confrontation and Revelations

The drama extends beyond Josslyn’s search. Carly Corinthos Spencer has an open moment with Drew Cain, leading her to update Sonny about confronting John “Jagger” Cates and subsequent clashes involving both Scott Baldwin and Sonny himself. Amidst the chaos, Dante Falconeri steps in, hoping to restore order while probing deeper into the mob.

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Blaze’s Brave Confession

In a brave move, Allison “Blaze” Rogers-Ramirez plans to reveal her true self to mother Natalia and declare her love for Kristina Corinthos, prompting more personal revelations across Port Charles. Felicia Scorpio also prepares to come clean about a fabricated story with Spinelli, hoping for understanding and forgiveness from daughter Maxie Jones.

Brook Lynn’s Wedding Plans

As Maxie and Spinelli draw closer, wedding bells ring for Brook Lynn Quartermaine. She begins the quest for the perfect dress, aided by Maxie, Lois Cerullo and Tracy Quartermaine. Amidst the planning, her fiancé Harrison Chase tackles damage control over a concerning issue, with Brook Lynn’s assurance they will handle it together.

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Port Charles stands on the edge this week with secrets spilling out, relationships tested, and cunning plans in motion. Tune into “General Hospital” on ABC to see how these tangled narratives unfold and whether Josslyn’s crusade proves successful.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Josslyn is unstoppable in her quest to find Dex.
  2. Nina tries to fix things with Sonny.
  3. Carly shares crucial updates with Sonny about Jagger.
  4. Blaze and Felicia are ready to reveal their truths.
  5. Brook Lynn’s wedding preparations are underway.


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