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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Ava and Harris’ Risky Mission, Clyde’s Mysterious Orders Put Them in a Bind

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels must decide whether to follow Clyde Weston’s orders or forge their own path.



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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Trouble in Salem!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Trouble in Salem!

Get ready, soap fans, because Thursday’s episode of Days of Our Lives is gonna be a doozy! The drama’s swirling faster than a Salem rainstorm, and your favorite characters are scrambling!

Disaster for Theresa… or Opportunity?

Theresa Donovan better brace herself for a wallop of bad news. Looks like trouble’s brewing for Bella magazine, and it ain’t pretty. Could the whole department be on the chopping block? Yikes! If so, Theresa’s career is hanging by a thread. But hey, maybe this is just a bump in the road – a chance for something new and exciting. Let’s see what the headstrong Theresa pulls out of her hat!

Maggie’s Big Play

Meanwhile, across town, Maggie Kiriakis is taking matters into her own hands. It seems like she’s got a plan to help Konstantin Meleounis stick around. Word is, Maggie might just pop the question! Will a wedding be the answer to Konstantin’s visa trouble? Smart move, Maggie, but let’s not forget those pesky prenups – love can make folks forget the practical stuff!

DiMera Double-Team Trouble

Get ready for some serious DiMera scheming! Kristen DiMera and Stefan DiMera are joining forces, and that can only mean bad news for their brother, EJ. Their dad’s company is the prize, and these two are determined to keep EJ’s hands off it. How low will they go? Sibling rivalries in Salem make a bar brawl look like a tea party!

Team Ava’s Secret Mission

Over at the Bistro, Ava Vitali and her partner in crime, Harris Michaels, are busy hatching a plan. That big bad Clyde Weston wants his blackmail book back, but are Ava and Harris gonna roll over and do his dirty work? We’ll have to wait and see just how sneaky this duo can be!

What About Wendy?

Looks like Wendy Shin’s got something brewing too! She’ll be opening up to Tripp Johnson, but what’s the big secret? Could it be about her past, or something going on right now? Wendy always keeps us guessing…

Well folks, there you have it. Salem’s as unpredictable as ever, so don’t forget to tune in Thursday and see how all this plays out. Romance, betrayal, blackmail – just another day in the life of Days of Our Lives!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Theresa Donovan faces potential job loss at Bella magazine.
  2. Maggie Kiriakis considers proposing to Konstantin Meleounis.
  3. Kristen and Stefan DiMera unite against EJ in a power struggle.
  4. Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels plan their next move for Clyde Weston.
  5. Wendy Shin prepares to confess something to Tripp Johnson.


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