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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen and Stefan DiMera Team Up to Crush EJ DiMera’s CEO Ambitions and Personal Life

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Kristen and Stefan DiMera join forces to sabotage EJ DiMera’s CEO bid and marriage to Nicole Walker-DiMera.



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Bad News and Big Schemes: Salem Gets Messy

Bad News and Big Schemes: Salem Gets Messy

Hold onto your hats, Days of Our Lives fans, because things are heating up! Thursday, April 18th is full of bombshells and backstabbing.

Alex Kiriakis: Bad News for Theresa Donovan

Alex Kiriakis has got some bad news for Theresa Donovan, and believe me, it ain’t about his laundry needing mending. Sounds like trouble’s brewing for the two of them.

Kristen and Stefan DiMera: Scheming Against EJ DiMera

Meanwhile, those scheming siblings, Kristen DiMera and Stefan DiMera are cooking up something nasty. They’re determined to keep EJ DiMera from taking over the family business. With all the other chaos in EJ’s life right now, these two are just kicking him while he’s down. Can things possibly get worse for him?

Maggie Horton Kiriakis: Surprise Proposal to Konstantin Meleounis

Speaking of bad timing, we’ve got Maggie Horton Kiriakis popping the question to Konstantin Meleounis. She’s hoping a marriage will help him with his visa problems. But Maggie, honey, maybe you should have sorted that out before going down on one knee! Just imagine the drama if he says yes…

Theresa Donovan’s Marriage Scheme and Job Uncertainty

Back to Alex and Theresa. Looks like Theresa might be out of a job soon. Alex has got some disappointing news about Bella magazine, and it sounds like shutting it down is involved. Yikes! Now this might push Theresa to speed up whatever crazy plan she’s got to marry Alex. Girl, have you heard about Maggie’s proposal? There might not be a need for all that drama!

Wendy Shin Confides in Tripp Johnson, Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels’ Risky Plan

Elsewhere in Salem, things are getting tense for Wendy Shin who’s opening up to Tripp Johnson about her fears. We’ll have to see what that’s all about. And Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels are making some risky plans – they’re talking about breaking into the Bistro to get their hands on something for Clyde Weston. With Harris on his way out… it sounds like there’s danger on the horizon!

So, what do you think, Days fans? Will Theresa go through with her scheme now that Bella magazine is tanking? Can Kristen and Stefan pull off their plot? Tune in on Thursday, April 18th to see how it all unfolds!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Alex Kiriakis has bad news for Theresa Donovan about Bella magazine.
  2. Kristen and Stefan DiMera scheme to prevent EJ DiMera from becoming CEO.
  3. Maggie Horton Kiriakis proposes to Konstantin Meleounis to help with his visa issues.
  4. Theresa Donovan’s job uncertainty may push her to accelerate her marriage scheme with Alex.
  5. Wendy Shin confides in Tripp Johnson, while Ava Vitali and Harris Michaels plan a risky break-in at the Bistro.


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