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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ Chooses – Destroy Sloan or Spare Nicole?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: EJ struggles with keeping or revealing Eric’s son’s paternity secret.



EJ DiMera Sloan Petersen baby secret exposed
Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Secrets Explode, Lives Crumble on Wednesday’s Episode

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Secrets Explode, Lives Crumble on Wednesday’s Episode

Sloan and Melinda’s Panic Mode

Buckle up, Salem fans, because Wednesday’s episode is a rollercoaster! Sloan and Melinda are in full-on panic mode – EJ knows the truth about that baby, and their whole scheme could go up in smoke. Desperate times call for desperate measures, right? Maybe they can twist this to their advantage… if EJ keeps his mouth shut, he gets to stay with Nicole, and Sloan keeps Eric and Jude. Of course, that’s a big IF, and we all know things get messy in Salem faster than you can say “DiMera.”

Eric and Nicole’s Dangerous Game

Speaking of messy, Eric and Nicole are playing a dangerous game. They’re working together, and between photoshoots and deadlines, they’re dishing on their partners. Eric is spilling all his Sloan frustrations, and let’s just say the guy might want to rethink confiding in his ex. Come on, Eric, you’re smarter than this!

Johnny Drops a Grandpa Bombshell

Meanwhile, Johnny just dropped a whopper of a bombshell on EJ. He’s about to be a grandpa! Like, a surprisingly young, surprisingly handsome grandpa. But wait, there’s a catch – there might be some worries about the baby’s health.

Salem Scandals Unfold

More Salem scandals: Ava and Harris have their hands on Clyde’s little book of secrets and let’s just say they’re shocked – shocked! – to find it’s full of, well, crimes. Did nobody see this coming? It’s like a bad joke about a criminal keeping a diary.

Teen Angst and Love Squares

And brace yourselves for some classic teenage angst! Remember how tangled things got with Belle, Shawn, Phillip, and Chloe? Well, it looks like a new messy love square is brewing with Holly, Sophia, Tate, and Aaron. Pass the popcorn – this could get seriously dramatic!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. EJ learns the truth about Nicole’s baby.
  2. Eric and Nicole risk their current relationships.
  3. Johnny faces impending fatherhood with challenges.
  4. Ava and Harris uncover criminal secrets in Clyde’s book.
  5. New teen love square could echo past dramas.


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