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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa’s Jealous Rage Erupts as Alex and Kristen’s Affair Comes to Light

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Konstantin’s prenup predicament with Maggie and Theresa’s jealous rage over Alex and Kristen’s tryst.



heresa Donovan Alex Kiriakis and Kristen DiMera
Days of Our Lives May Sweeps Preview: Salem’s Hotter Than Ever!

Days of Our Lives May Sweeps Preview: Salem’s Hotter Than Ever!

Buckle up, Salemites! May sweeps are coming, and the drama’s hotter than a Salem summer. Hold onto your hats, because things are about to get wild.

Maggie and Konstantin’s Prenup Problem

Let’s start with Maggie and her fiancé, that shady Konstantin. Turns out Maggie wants a prenup, and who can blame her, right? Konstantin’s not too happy about that and seeks help from everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Theresa. Will Theresa be able to sweet-talk Maggie out of it, or will Maggie stick to her guns?

John Black’s Transformation into “The Pawn”

Meanwhile, Konstantin’s got another problem – and it’s named John Black. He’s got “The Pawn” back under his thumb and ready to stir up some serious trouble. John’s loved ones better watch their backs because there’s no telling what he’ll do next.

Speaking of trouble, therapist Everett is driving Marlena up the wall. He’s ready to ditch therapy, and she’s worried sick. Something tells me there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Tripp and Wendy’s Getaway

Tripp and Wendy are packing their bags! Looks like a big vacation’s in the works. We’ll miss them while they’re gone, but hey, sometimes a change of scenery is just what the doctor ordered.

Chanel’s Health Scare

Uh oh, Chanel’s not feeling so hot. With everything she’s been through with the radiation poisoning, is her health about to take another hit? Johnny and Paulina are terrified. We’re all hoping for the best, Chanel.

DiMera Family Drama

Over at DiMera Enterprises, it’s payback time! Paulina put EJ on blast, and now he’s got revenge on the brain. EJ’s not one to take things lying down, so this is about to get messy.

But wait, there’s more with the DiMera bunch! Nicole’s back at the Spectator, and she’s working side-by-side with her old flame, Eric. Talk about awkward! Could those old sparks reignite? EJ’s blood pressure is probably through the roof right now.

Drama queen Sloan is about to have her world rocked. Leo’s cut off her money supply, and Eric’s getting suspicious. Could the truth about her dirty dealings with Leo finally come out?

Speaking of Leo, he’s got the tea on Sloan – and he’s spilling it straight to EJ. This is where it gets juicy! Did Sloan and Trask really steal baby Jude? EJ might hold his tongue for now, especially if he realizes that the truth would send Nicole running back to Eric. But hey, secrets don’t stay buried forever in Salem…

Across town, Kristen and Stefan are making moves in their evil little chess game with EJ. It looks like they’re getting closer to clearing Gabi’s name. We all know Kristen’s no angel, but it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

And… the wedding bells are ringing! Yep, Maggie and Konstantin’s big day is just around the corner. But with schemers lurking in the shadows, will they actually make it down the aisle? I wouldn’t bet on it!

Whew! That’s a lot to unpack. Get ready for some explosive twists and turns, folks. As always, Salem never disappoints!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Maggie wants a prenup, and Konstantin seeks Theresa’s help to avoid it.
  2. John Black is back under Konstantin’s control as “The Pawn.”
  3. Tripp and Wendy plan a big vacation together.
  4. Chanel’s health takes a turn for the worse, worrying Johnny and Paulina.
  5. Drama unfolds in the DiMera family, with EJ, Nicole, Eric, Sloan, Leo, Kristen, and Stefan all involved.


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