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General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn’s Shocking Confession to Jason About Kristina Confrontation

General Hospital spoilers reveal Josslyn’s shocking confession to Jason about her heated confrontation with Kristina and the wrongdoings she admits to.



Josslyn Jacks Jason Morgan and Kristina Corinthos Davis
General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan and Drew’s Flirty Confession, Josslyn’s Shocking Admission, and Gregory’s Health Crisis

General Hospital Spoilers: Jordan and Drew’s Flirty Confession, Josslyn’s Shocking Admission, and Gregory’s Health Crisis

Jordan and Drew’s Flirty Confession

Sparks are flying in Port Charles! It seems Commissioner Jordan Ashford may have more than just solving crimes on her mind. After confessing something unexpected to Drew Cain, their connection crackles with an undeniable chemistry. Is this just sympathy for a fellow ex-captive, or could there be a surprising new power couple in the making?

Josslyn’s Shocking Admission About Kristina and Dex

Meanwhile, Josslyn Jacks is probably kicking herself right about now. Teen drama is about to hit fever pitch! After an angry blowout with Kristina Corinthos-Davis, Josslyn spilled some seriously dangerous tea about Dex Heller. Yikes…if word of this gets back to Sonny, will a new mob vendetta ignite?

Sam’s Frustration with Jason Over Danny’s Behavior

Over at the Morgan household, it’s drama of a different kind. Sam McCall is fed up with Danny’s rebellious behavior, and she squarely blames Jason Morgan for the whole mess. But hold on! Looks like Dante Falconeri might actually be team Jason this time. He’s trying to remind Sam that danger is pretty much Jason’s middle name – he wouldn’t put Danny in harm’s way on purpose.

Dex’s Struggle to Join the PCPD

As for Dex Heller, his dreams of being a cop might be getting squashed before they can even bloom. Anna Devane isn’t budging on letting him join the PCPD, and to make matters worse, the other officers are giving him the coldest of shoulders. Is it back to the mob life for Dex, or will he swallow his pride and walk away?

Gregory’s Health Crisis and Its Impact on Brook Lynn and Chase’s Wedding

Things take a terrifying turn for the Chase family. It seems Gregory Chase is facing a major health setback and Violet Finn is scared out of her mind. This poor family can’t catch a break! Could this mean bad news for Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding plans? We know Gregory was supposed to officiate, but with his health on the line, will he even be able to make it?

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Jordan and Drew share a flirty moment, hinting at a potential romance.
  2. Josslyn confesses to Jason about her heated confrontation with Kristina involving Dex.
  3. Sam blames Jason for Danny’s rebellious behavior, while Dante defends him.
  4. Dex faces obstacles in joining the PCPD, with Anna and other officers being unsupportive.
  5. Gregory’s health crisis leaves Violet scared and may impact Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding plans.


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