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The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B Spoilers & 5-7 Recap: Deacon Proposes to Sheila, Hope Fears the Worst, Steffy Struggles With Acceptance

B&B spoilers: Deacon weds Sheila! Hope clashes with Finn over his mother’s return.



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Soap Opera Recap

Soap Opera Recap: Dramatic Revelations and Surprising Proposals

Hope’s Reaction to Seeing Sheila Alive

Hope passed out after seeing Sheila alive, and Steffy complained about Deacon making Finn think his mom isn’t dead.

Cut to Deacon’s place. He tries calming Hope down, but she’s not having it. “Dad, stop saying Sheila’s alive!”

Finn pipes in, all excited – “But she is! It’s a miracle.” Steffy would’ve killed anyone, but thankfully not his mom.

Sheila Explains Her Desperate Times and Facial Changes

Sheila goes on about this “desperate time” when her face was changed. Yikes. This is all too much for Hope.

Hope still believes everything her dad says, but adds, “Okay, maybe Sheila’s changed. She’s in your life now, and Finn’s. I guess I’ll try to accept that.”

Finn and Hope Discuss Sheila’s Return and Changes

Finn beams at Sheila, swearing he believes in her. Sheila gushes about finally finding what she’s always wanted.

Hope admits Sheila was through a lot, but… is she really different? Finn and Deacon insist she is – Sheila even risked her life for Steffy!

Sheila promises Hope will believe someday too.

Deacon and Sheila’s Balcony Scene and Proposal

Before heading outside, Sheila tells Hope those two were right about her. Alone with Finn, Hope’s like, “Whoa, guess you’re freaking out!”

Finn admits it’s wild. Everyone thought Deacon was nuts. Hope adds, “This complicates things… just a bit, huh?”

Deacon and Sheila hit the balcony. She loves the view after being locked up. Deacon’s convinced everyone will accept her change of heart. He knew she wouldn’t hurt Steffy.

Sheila grabs his hands, calls him her hero. He jokes about her nine toes saving the day – craziest thing ever!

Sheila’s his “wild little hurricane”, and he hopes to clean up her mess forever. Getting down on one knee, he says he never needed anyone until her… and that amazing toe.

“Sheila, will you marry me?”

Forrester Creations Reacts to the Ongoing Drama

Over at Forrester Creations, Liam, Steffy, and Carter talk biz. Liam asks if Finn’s called back.

Steffy’s done with Deacon’s nonsense – she hopes Hope puts an end to it. “I can’t deal with Sheila’s toes anymore!”

Liam thinks Hope can sway Deacon, and this could be over soon. Carter adds that if she can’t, they’ll move on and shut down these theories. Liam agrees, “All this is hurting people!”

Carter leaves, and Liam’s like, “Need to vent?”

Steffy doesn’t want to talk about it. Can’t they just forget Sheila? Liam reminds her Sheila’s a ghost now. It’ll take time to adjust, but “she’s gone. That makes me feel better, maybe for the first time since all this started.” They’re finally free!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Hope is overwhelmed by Sheila’s unexpected return.
  2. Sheila claims significant changes and faces skepticism.
  3. Finn shows unwavering belief in his mother’s transformation.
  4. Deacon proposes to Sheila in a romantic balcony scene.
  5. The Forrester Creations team struggles with the ongoing drama.


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