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The Young and the Restless

Y&R Spoilers: Mamie Wages War on Chancellor-Winters, Blaming Jill and Billy

Y&R spoilers – Mamie accuses Jill and Billy of ruining Chancellor-Winters, demands their ousting at a surprise family meeting.



Mamie Jill Billy
Drama Unfolds: Power Plays and Personal Agendas

Drama Unfolds: Power Plays and Personal Agendas

Nate and Audra’s Revealing Cocktail Conversation

Nate and Audra get cozy over cocktails. He’s surprised she’s not with Tucker, and she’s like, “Solid as ever… shame about that.” They banter, and he misses their old friendship. Then he gets a little sassy, trashing Tucker. Audra defends him, talking about how sweet he is.

Nate’s not buying it. That big Paris-themed club stunt? Total rehash of Tucker’s honeymoon. He calls it a red flag, shocked she hasn’t noticed.

Audra reminds him she has a whole history with Tucker, one that doesn’t include Ashley. Nate assumes she turned down the proposal. She gets coy, “Why do you care, Nate?”

He claims he’s just a friend telling hard truths. There’s a pause… could there be something more? If there was, she’d definitely know, he says.

“Whatever,” Audra brushes it off. He wonders what could possibly keep her with McCall. She’s touched by his concern, admitting she did reject the proposal – she’s not into marriage, period.

Nate wants to keep talking, but his phone buzzes. He hints that she could change her mind about marriage, but only if Tucker wasn’t in the picture. Think about it, he says – you deserve better. Then, he dashes off mysteriously.

Tucker’s Attempt to Attend Dom’s Performance and Abby’s Reaction

Over at Crimson Lights, Devon and Abby wonder why Mamie’s called a family meeting…without Billy. Awkward.

Tucker waltzes in, all smiles. Abby accuses him of putting on his ‘nice guy’ act.

He admits it, kinda. He’s got a favor to ask: can he attend one of Dom’s performances? Devon and Abby shut him down, saying he’d make it all about himself.

Before they leave, Tucker casually asks Abby if Ashley’s doing okay.

“Better than what?” she snaps back. Ouch. Tucker realizes Abby hasn’t seen her mom lately.

Abby lectures him about being entitled, and he drops a bombshell: maybe she should check on Ashley more often. She’s fuming as he walks out – clearly Tucker hasn’t changed, still obsessed with her mom. Yikes.

Chancellor-Winters Family Meeting: Mamie’s Dramatic Confrontation

At Chancellor-Winters, Lily’s annoyed when Mamie shows up early. Mamie wants to ‘clear the air’ after their last heated chat.

Lily’s like, “Uh oh, what’s this about?” Mamie plays it dramatic, saying Lily just needs to wait, it’ll be worth it.

Lily gets a call. She tells Mamie she’s gotta run, but Mamie insists this meeting is super important.

Lily rolls her eyes – here comes the drama.

The rest of the gang files in: Devon, Nate, and Abby. Light chit-chat, then Lily’s like, “Wait, where’s Billy? Shouldn’t he be here?”

Mamie goes full soap opera villain: this is for family only, and that includes Abby!

She drops the bomb: this company is dysfunctional as heck.

As they settle in, she blames Jill and Billy for all the problems. Time to fix this, she says.

Nate calls her out– isn’t she overreacting a little? Mamie and Lily bicker about keeping him off the board.

Nate admits he messed up, and they’ve been generous. Maybe Mamie’s the one causing tension since she hates Jill so much.

Mamie insists she doesn’t hate Jill, she just wants her gone.

Devon reminds her this isn’t supposed to be a Winters-only company. Mamie points out that he’s the only Chancellor left.

Lily says yeah, Billy has an agenda, but so do Mamie and Devon! She accuses Mamie of wanting war, even if it destroys the company.

Mamie insists Jill’s just riding their coattails. They’d all be better off without her and Billy.

Devon admits they’ve got issues…but those started the moment Mamie arrived. “Maybe the problem is you,” he says.

Mamie acts offended, totally heartbroken. She never expected this treatment!

They reassure her they love her, but they can’t let her wreck everything. They recap all the chaos she’s caused.

Mamie refuses to see it, calling them entitled brats who are too scared to take a risk.

She throws down the gauntlet: they’re cowardly, and have no idea what family really means. Everyone’s speechless.

Dramatic pause. Then, Mamie stands: clearly she’s not welcome with her beloved family.

They tell her that’s not true, they just don’t want the drama.

Mamie reminds Nate that without her, he wouldn’t even have a job here. “This is betrayal,” she declares, “and I won’t forget it.” She holds a big chunk of the company and isn’t going anywhere. Buckle up, y’all, she’s gonna be around a lot more.

After Mamie storms out, Nate’s like, “Well, guess we just made another enemy.”

Ashley, Belle, and Alan’s Intriguing Interaction at the GCAC

Cut to the GCAC. Alan calls Ashley, asking to see her before he leaves town.

She assumes he wants to analyze her for a few hours. Her inner critic Belle pipes up: Ashley, you need some love in your life!

After some playful inner dialogue, Belle takes the wheel and tells Alan she’d adore seeing him. She fixes her hair, telling the other voices they’ll thank her later.

Belle dashes over, all smiles and apologies for treating him like a guard dog earlier.

She giggles, telling him to ignore her and that he’s her only trustworthy confidant. Alan urges her to open up. From the doorway, Tucker watches, intrigued.

He strolls over, introduces himself, and asks how they met. Alan explains, and Belle calls him a dear friend. Tucker figures she needs one right about now.

They chat, then Audra shows up, groaning when she joins her boyfriend. Tucker introduces everyone and suggests they leave Ashley in good hands.

After Tucker drags Audra away, Belle and Alan get a table. He brings up the tension with Tucker, asking about how she feels, and how hard moving on can be.

She insists it’s all resolved, that Tucker’s where he belongs.

“And so am I,” she adds, playfully touching his hand.

She asks him to stay in town as long as possible – they have so much catching up to do. He agrees, and she practically swoons.

Audra and Tucker Plan a Trip to Paris: New Beginnings or Same Old Story?

Audra and Tucker go to their suite. She rants about how Ashley and her shrink seem to be getting awfully close.

Think they’d have an affair and disappear to a tropical island? Audra says she’s in a dark place and can’t stand bumping into Ashley everywhere.

Tucker notes that Abby doesn’t even seem to notice something’s off with her mom. Looks like Ashley isn’t healing anytime soon.

Audra jokes Ashley seemed awfully…energetic. Like she’s ready to pounce on that poor doctor.

She harps on it – Ashley was giving off major flirty vibes, you could cut the tension with a knife.

She knows Tucker might not want to be with Ashley, but that doesn’t mean he wants her with someone else. He admits he feels stuck, guilty that Ashley’s alone in this.

Tucker surprises her – he spoke to their people in Europe, and they’re going to Paris!

Audra acts less than thrilled, asking if they can hop around other places too.

He promises they can go wherever she wants, fulfill all her desires.

They kiss, undressing, and she tells him how good this trip will be…but no pressure about marriage, okay? He hopes the romance helps. She’s up for all the seduction and magic he can offer.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Nate questions Audra’s relationship with Tucker, hinting at unresolved feelings.
  2. Tucker tries to reconnect with his family, facing resistance and old grievances.
  3. Mamie stirs drama at Chancellor-Winters, challenging family loyalties and company control.
  4. Ashley navigates personal and emotional challenges with Alan’s support, under Tucker’s watchful eye.
  5. Audra and Tucker plan a getaway to Paris, masking underlying tensions and uncertainties.


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