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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ’s Deception Could Cost Him Everything, Including Nicole

Days of Our Lives spoilers: EJ’s decision to hide Jude’s paternity from Nicole could lead to devastating consequences for their relationship.



Days of Our Lives spoilers EJ DiMera and Nicole Walker
Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Salem’s Explosive Week of May 6th

Get Ready, Salem – the Week of May 6th is About to Explode!

EJ’s playing a risky game, “Janel” has a life-changing choice, and Xander’s got Stefan in his crosshairs. Let’s break down the drama:

EJ, You Sneaky Snake

Okay, we knew EJ wasn’t gonna take the Jude news lying down. But keeping the secret from Nicole? This guy’s crossing a line. Enter Sloan, probably feeding EJ a sob story about how heartbroken he’ll be if “Ericole” reunites. Can’t blame Sloan for fighting for her man, but she’s definitely stirring the pot.

“Janel’s” Big Decision

Speaking of life-altering news, so much for Chanel and Johnny’s careful planning… surprise! They’re expecting! While Johnny seems kinda thrilled, Chanel’s freaking out, and understandably so. Kayla can’t promise everything will be okay with the pregnancy. This is gonna be one tough call for them. Meanwhile, Paulina’s feeling major mom guilt – oh boy, EJ’s gonna milk that for all it’s worth.

Xander vs. Stefan: Round Two?

Looks like Xander’s out for revenge on Stefan. Even though Stefan’s trying to be a good guy and help with this whole Clyde mess, we know Xander rarely trusts anyone. Is a Salem-style brawl on the horizon?

More DOOL Chaos:

  • Everett’s out to destroy Paulina’s reputation – Stephanie’s gonna be livid!
  • Marlena and John are scheming…probably trying to keep Maggie from marrying that con man, Konstantin.
  • Maggie’s dealing with the aftermath of Victor’s will – oh boy, here comes the family drama.
  • Theresa’s freaking out about Alex – could a certain blonde bombshell (ahem, Kristen) be to blame?
  • Teen love triangle alert! Sophia’s got eyes for Tate – love those messy young crushes.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. EJ keeps Jude’s paternity a secret from Nicole.
  2. Chanel and Johnny face a surprise pregnancy.
  3. Xander seeks revenge on Stefan.
  4. Everett threatens Paulina’s reputation.
  5. Sophia develops a crush on Tate.


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