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General Hospital News: Steve Burton Finds Love with Michelle Lundstrom

General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton, Jason Morgan on GH, finds love with Michelle Lundstrom after his divorce. Discover the latest drama!



Steve Burton Michelle Lundstrom
General Hospital Spoilers: Steve Burton’s New Romance After Divorce

Lights! Camera! Romance! General Hospital’s Steve Burton Finds Love After Heartbreak

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Steve Burton Finds New Romance with Michelle Lundstrom

The soap opera world is abuzz with the latest off-screen drama involving Steve Burton, the beloved Jason Morgan of General Hospital and Harris Michaels of Days of Our Lives. Hot off the heels of his divorce from Sheree Gustin, Burton has found himself a new leading lady in the form of Michelle Lundstrom, the culinary queen from Netflix’s BBQ Showdown.

Sources reveal that Burton, juggling his roles on both GH and DAYS, is smitten with Lundstrom, a New York-based recipe developer who clearly knows how to spice things up both in and out of the kitchen. Though they haven’t yet made their relationship Instagram official, whispers and sightings have been circulating, painting a picture of a blossoming romance.

Steve Burton’s Divorce from Sheree Gustin

Burton’s journey to this new chapter has been far from smooth. His split from Gustin, the mother of his three children, made headlines in 2022 when he revealed he wasn’t the father of her fourth child. The divorce was finalized in late 2023, leaving Burton to pick up the pieces of his personal life while simultaneously captivating audiences on two daytime dramas.

Meanwhile, Gustin has since expanded her family further, welcoming two more daughters, Izabella and Addy Jay. While she embraces motherhood, Burton is taking center stage in both Port Charles and Salem.

Harris Michaels’ Fiery Return on Days of Our Lives

His character Harris, though having left town, is expected to make a fiery return to Days of Our Lives before Burton bids farewell to the role. Sparks are flying between Harris and Ava, played by Tamara Braun, as they navigate the treacherous waters of Clyde’s control.

Jason Morgan Back from the Dead on General Hospital

Over on General Hospital, Jason Morgan is back from the dead (again!) and diving headfirst into danger to shield Carly, played by Laura Wright, from RICO charges. His undercover work as an FBI informant for John “Jagger” Cates has put a strain on his friendship with Sonny, played by Maurice Benard, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga.

Steve Burton’s Personal and Professional Life

With Burton’s personal life heating up and his professional life firing on all cylinders, it seems the actor is living his own soap opera, filled with unexpected twists, turns, and a whole lot of heart. As fans eagerly await the next chapter in both his on-screen and off-screen romances, one thing is clear: Steve Burton’s life is anything but dull.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Steve Burton has found new love with Michelle Lundstrom after his divorce.
  2. Steve Burton’s divorce from Sheree Gustin was finalized in late 2023.
  3. Harris Michaels is making a fiery return to Days of Our Lives.
  4. Jason Morgan is back from the dead on General Hospital.
  5. Steve Burton’s personal and professional life is filled with drama and excitement.


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