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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina Is On To Ava—Enlists Carly To Help Her Save Sonny?

General Hospital spoilers: Kristina enlists Carly’s help to uncover Ava’s mysterious involvement with Sonny’s troubling condition. Will they expose the truth?



Ava Jerome Sonny Corinthos Kristina Davis Corinthos

General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Kristina’s Suspicions About Ava Tampering With Sonny’s Meds

Table of Contents

  1. Ava and Sonny’s Troubled History
  2. Ava Is a Problem
  3. Kristina Suspects Ava Is Tampering With Sonny’s Meds
  4. Carly Suspects Ava
  5. The Truth About Ava

Ava and Sonny’s Troubled History

General Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Ava Jerome has a long and negative past with Sonny Corinthos. Despite Sonny’s apparent memory lapses regarding Ava’s misdeeds, his daughter Kristina Davis-Corinthos has not forgotten.

Morgan Corinthos’ medication was tampered with by Ava, ultimately resulting in his death. Kristina continues to grieve for her brother, which explains her current worry over her father’s connection to Ava.

Ava Is a Problem

Sonny’s behavior has been noticeably more unstable in the past few weeks due to a familiar pattern resurfacing. Ava has uncovered evidence that Sonny’s medication has been tampered with, although she denies any involvement.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava has not disclosed this information to Sonny, opting instead to manipulate the situation to her advantage. However, this could potentially lead to her downfall. Others are starting to suspect that there may be an issue with Sonny’s medication.

Kristina Suspects Ava Is Tampering With Sonny’s Meds

Kristina has personally observed the growing bond between Sonny and Ava, something that really bothers her. After chatting with Nina Reeves and Dex Heller, Kristina is convinced that Ava is somehow involved in Sonny’s change in behavior.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kristina is aware of Ava’s previous involvement with Morgan and suspects Ava is up to her old tricks with Sonny. Kristina may try to talk to her father about her suspicions, but he would likely deny it.

Kristina gets a lucky break when she finds a surprising ally to help her prove Ava’s involvement in Sonny’s behavior change.

Carly Suspects Ava

Morgan’s mother, Carly Spencer, will always hold a grudge against Ava for the loss of her son. If Kristina were to approach Carly with her doubts about Ava, there is a good chance that Carly would join forces to get to the bottom of it.

The unlikely duo will develop a plan to get a sample of Sonny’s medication to run a test to ensure it’s the right medicine. Considering that it looks like Ava is innocent this time, her troubled past (changing Morgan’s meds) makes it hard for Kristina and Carly to believe her.

The Truth About Ava

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Ava knows the truth but refuses to spill the scoop to Kristina and Carly. Before the end of this mess, Ava could end up in prison with Nikolas Cassadine.

GH fans, could Kristina be on the verge of uncovering the truth? Will Ava pay the price for Sonny’s medication swap? Will anyone believe Ava is innocent? Keep watching General Hospital, airing weekdays on ABC and streaming on Hulu.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kristina suspects Ava of tampering with Sonny’s medication.
  2. Carly joins Kristina in investigating Ava’s potential involvement.
  3. Ava is aware of the truth but refuses to reveal it.
  4. Ava’s past actions make it difficult for others to trust her.
  5. Ava could face legal consequences for her actions.


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