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The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Steffy Confronts Ivy After Shocking Kiss with Liam

Bold & Beautiful spoilers: Steffy finds Liam kissing Ivy, sparking a fierce showdown.



Steffy Forrester Finnegan Liam Spencer Ivy Forrester
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Steffy’s About to Blow – Ivy, You’ve Been Warned!

Table of Contents
Steffy Confronts Liam and Ivy
Sheila’s Superhero Story… Or Is It?
Is ‘SINN’ Done For?
Young Love and a Whole Lotta Heartbreak
Poppy’s Secret is Out

Okay guys, buckle up, because Steffy Forrester Finnegan is NOT happy, and Ivy’s about to feel her wrath! It all started with this whole Deacon situation, y’know, with his crazy Sheila theories. Steffy heads over to Il Giardino, ready to give Deacon a piece of her mind… and who does she stumble upon? Liam – her Liam, mind you – in a major lip-lock with a certain Aussie bombshell. Yeah, it’s Ivy. Like, what the actual heck is going on here?

Steffy Confronts Liam and Ivy

You know Steffy won’t let this slide. She’s probably grilling Ivy as we speak, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ivy plays the innocent card. Maybe a quick layover, a friendly hello gone wrong – yeah right, I ain’t buying it. There might be a whole lot more to this reunion than meets the eye… and bet your bottom dollar, Steffy’s gonna get to the bottom of it!

Sheila’s Superhero Story… Or Is It?

Meanwhile, crazy pants Sheila’s spinning another wild yarn. Now she claims she saved Steffy from her own whacked-out alter-ego, Sugar. Uh-huh, Sheila, sure you did. Do we really believe that, after everything we know? I’m betting this whole Sugar mess is just another way to worm her way back into Finn’s life. Poor guy seems to be falling for it, but Steffy? Honey, she sees right through you and your twisted, manipulative games.

Is ‘SINN’ Done For?

This is a recipe for a full-on Forrester meltdown, y’all! Steffy and Finn could be headed for splitsville if he keeps taking his dear mommy’s side. Can’t you just see Hope swooping in, all comforting and sweet? Yeah, things are about to get REAL messy, and I’m here for it.

Young Love and a Whole Lotta Heartbreak

And speaking of messy, RJ and Luna are still dealing with the fallout of that whole Zende thing. Talk about drama! I still think they could work it out, but those Forrester family feuds get brutal, am I right? Will their love survive the storm? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

Poppy’s Secret is Out

And hey, what’s going to happen with Miss Mint-Crazy Poppy? Now that her secret’s out, I’m guessing she’s not exactly everyone’s favorite person… someone might have a few sharp words for her, wouldn’t you say?

Honestly, the drama just doesn’t quit in this town! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, and let me know what crazy thing you think will happen next!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Steffy caught Liam kissing Ivy.
  2. Sheila claims she saved Steffy from her alter-ego.
  3. Steffy and Finn’s relationship may be in trouble.
  4. RJ and Luna’s relationship is facing challenges.
  5. Poppy’s secret is out, causing drama.


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