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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ’s Jealousy Erupts as Eric Comforts Nicole, Marriage on the Rocks

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal EJ DiMera’s jealousy flares as Eric Brady comforts Nicole DiMera, hinting at marital troubles ahead.



Days of Our Lives spoilers EJ DiMera Nicole DiMera and Eric Brady
Days of Our Lives Episode Recap

Days of Our Lives Episode Recap

Xander Cook’s Legal Battle and Sarah Horton’s Support

Hold onto your hats, Days fans! Monday’s episode is packing a punch. Xander Cook, wrongfully accused, is digging into the case against him, hoping to turn the tables. Luckily, he’s got Sarah Horton in his corner, and you know this determined doctor won’t rest until the truth is out.

Paulina Price Awaits Test Results with Abe Carver’s Support

Meanwhile, Paulina Price is anxiously awaiting those all-important test results. Will she get the all-clear? Abe Carver is by her side, offering unwavering support as they face the unknown. Here’s hoping for good news, but with Days of Our Lives, you never know what twists are in store. Lexie Carver is also keeping watch, so Paulina and Abe have got a strong support system, whatever happens.

Theresa Donovan Confronts Tate Over Holly Jonas’s Deception

Over at the Kiriakis mansion, Theresa Donovan is fuming about Holly Jonas and the chaos she’s brought into Tate’s life. Now that Theresa knows Holly impersonated her, she’s laying down the law, warning Tate that this woman is nothing but trouble. But love’s not always rational, is it? Tate’s still got a soft spot for Holly, despite everything.

Looks like Theresa might have to soften a little and have a heart-to-heart with Tate. Love’s messy, and sometimes that means a few wrong turns along the way. Hopefully, she’ll remind Tate about the restraining order, even though her son’s heart is pulling in a different direction.

Holly’s Admission and the Fallout at DiMera Mansion

Back at the DiMera mansion, the walls are closing in on Holly. After admitting the drugs were hers, things are getting real. Nicole’s probably wondering how on earth Holly could’ve kept quiet about this for so long. We wouldn’t blame her for being suspicious!

Nicole, EJ, and Eric: A Brewing Storm Over Holly’s Confession

Brady Black is equal parts furious and relieved, probably already racing over to share the news with Tate and Theresa. As for Nicole and EJ, Holly’s deception is bound to stir up some major drama. Nicole’s already fed up, and Holly’s doing her best to explain herself. But those explanations might ring a little hollow considering how terrified she is to disappoint her mom. Uh-oh, EJ’s jealousy is flaring up as Eric offers Nicole a shoulder to lean on. Looks like there’s trouble brewing in paradise!

Is Holly’s confession the start of a major rift between Nicole and EJ? Tune in on Monday to find out!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Xander Cook fights to clear his name with Sarah Horton’s unwavering support.
  2. Paulina Price faces an anxious wait for medical results, with Abe and Lexie Carver by her side.
  3. Theresa Donovan confronts the chaos caused by Holly Jonas, impacting her son Tate.
  4. Holly’s drug confession threatens to unravel relationships within the DiMera mansion.
  5. Nicole, EJ, and Eric are caught in a potential love triangle sparked by Holly’s actions.


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