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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Theresa Donovan Trapped by Konstantin’s Blackmail Scheme

Days Spoilers: Theresa ensnared by Konstantin’s ruthless blackmail.



Theresa Donovan looking overwhelmed Konstantin looking menacing
Theresa’s Double Trouble: Schemes, Secrets, and a Broken Heart on Days of Our Lives

Theresa’s Double Trouble: Schemes, Secrets, and a Broken Heart on Days of Our Lives

Theresa’s Initial Troubles with Tate and Konstantin

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers tease that Theresa Donovan is in way over her head! She faces Konstantin Meleounis’ wrath and Alex Kiriakis’ betrayal. It’s a lot for anyone to deal with and will put her on a one-way ticket to unravel in a soapy fashion.

Before her entanglement with Konstantin and Alex, Theresa had enough problems to deal with. She has been close to losing her mind about the mess with her son, Tate Black.

The Blackmail Trap by Konstantin

Remember that whole mess with the will? Konstantin blackmailed Theresa to help him alter (or destroy) the prenup with Maggie Kirakis. He demanded she “get rid of” the prenup. Theresa didn’t want to help him, but she agreed to help. She thought it would be a one-time thing, but Konstantin reveals that he will expose her if she doesn’t do his bidding.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers say that Konstantin has Theresa exactly where he wants her. Theresa cringes thinking about Konstantin’s threats of “owning her,” threatening to blab about the Victor Kiriakis letter switcheroo (swapping Xander Cook’s name to Alex Kiriakis) and spill the beans to everyone.

Theresa feels backed into a corner, unable to escape Konstantin’s grasp.

Complications with Alex and Kristen’s Scheme

Theresa works hard to find a way to end her shady partnership with Konstantin, but she’s hit with another crisis. Theresa’s homelife with Alex is only getting more complicated. Alex has been acting weird, sneaking around and dodging her questions. As Theresa suspected, Kristen DiMera is right in the middle of it. Alex and Kristen are trying to make Brady Black and Theresa jealous, but their scheme will likely end with them hitting the sheets.

Theresa waits for Alex to come home to confront him about Kristen. She’s positive that he was with Kristen, but he refuses to answer. He doesn’t confirm or deny the accusation, which only angers Theresa.

Days of Our Lives fans know it was Kristen’s idea to pretend she and Alex were together. It was a scheme to make Theresa jealous, and by all accounts, it is working well.

Theresa on the Brink: Emotional Turmoil

All this drama is piling onto the stress Theresa already had with Tate’s problems. Honestly, you’ve got to feel for her. She’s clearly struggling to keep it together, and who wouldn’t be? With Tate’s arrest, the deal with Konstantin and her relationship with Alex are falling apart.

At first, her relationship with Alex is part of her deal with Konstantin, but she has developed real feelings for him. He stood by her through her relapse, which allowed her to open her heart to him.

Theresa knows that she must follow Konstantin’s plan for her to marry Alex so they can split the money. She’s feeling the pressure of developing feelings for him, her pact with Konstantin, and jealousy over Alex’s connection to Kristen. It’s all too much and could lead to Theresa having another relapse.

Ongoing Conflicts and Decisions

Days of Our Lives spoilers say nearly all her problems in her life began with her shady deal with Konstantin. Does she risk everything to make Konstantin happy? Keep watching Days of Our Lives, which is streaming on weekdays on PeacockTV.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Theresa faces intense blackmail from Konstantin.
  2. Alex’s strange behavior exacerbates home troubles.
  3. Kristen DiMera’s scheme stirs jealousy.
  4. Theresa struggles under mounting stress.
  5. Theresa’s emotions are near breaking point.


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  1. Ava

    May 1, 2024 at 3:48 pm

    I wish the other Teresa would come back. All I see with the current one is the English nanny.

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