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Days Of Our Lives

Days spoilers: Leo’s heartbreak fuels his blackmail plans.

Get ready for intense drama as Leo’s heartbreak fuels his desperate blackmail plans, while Dimitri’s shocking revelation adds a new twist. Stay tuned for all the juicy details in this gripping episode of Days of Our Lives spoilers.



Days of Our Lives spoilers Leo Stark Dimitri Marick EJ DiMera

Leo’s Back to His Old Tricks, Nicole’s a Mess

Ugh, get ready for more DAYS drama, because Leo’s about to blow up two couples’ lives… and ruin an innocent baby’s day in the process. Typical Leo, right?

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Sloan basically kicked Leo to the curb, telling him to take his blackmail schemes and scram. But hey, a guy needs cash to start a new life with Dimitri, right? Leo, being Leo, ditches his dreams of being an Instagram thirst-trap and decides EJ’s the easiest target. Just as he’s about to strike, Dimitri drops a bombshell: he’s found true love in prison with someone way better than Leo. Surprise, surprise…Leo the jailbird isn’t exactly a catch.

But why let a little heartbreak stop you from blackmail? Leo waltzes over to EJ’s ready to spill the beans about baby Jude’s real daddy, just as Eric ( bless his clueless heart) starts to wonder if Sloan’s got a dirty little secret.

Nicole, Queen of the Hot Mess

Meanwhile, Nicole’s whining to Marlena (without even paying for the session!) about raising Holly, her messy love life… you know, the usual Nicole stuff. It’s bad enough she’s using Marlena as her personal therapist, but Marlena’s Eric’s mom! Awkward much?

Poor Marlena Needs a Break

And speaking of awkward, Marlena’s gotta fake excitement when Maggie drops the news she’s engaged to Konstantin. I bet she wishes she was back in that coma sometimes…

Well, Folks, That’s Your DAYS Drama Fix

Well, folks, that’s your DAYS drama fix. Buckle up, because things are about to get messy! Let me know what crazy twists you think are coming next!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Leo blackmails EJ about baby Jude’s paternity.
  2. Dimitri leaves Leo for another prison lover.
  3. Nicole complains to Marlena about her life.
  4. Marlena dreads Maggie’s engagement to Konstantin.
  5. More DAYS drama and twists are coming.


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