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General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Exposes Ava’s Deceit in Explosive Confrontation with Carly

General Hospital spoilers: Nina Reeves confronts Carly Spencer, exposing Ava Jerome’s manipulation in the Metro Court sale. Trouble brews for Carly!



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Shakeups & Showdowns: Get Ready for a Wild Friday on General Hospital

Shakeups & Showdowns: Get Ready for a Wild Friday on General Hospital

Buckle up, Port Charles fans, because Friday’s episode is gonna be a doozy! Carly Spencer’s making big moves at the Metro Court while a bitter Nina Reeves throws shade her way. Meanwhile, sparks fly between Gregory Chase and Hamilton Finn, plus Olivia Quartermaine’s got a bone to pick! Let’s break it all down…

Carly’s Got a Surprise (and a Gloat) in Store

Looks like Sasha Gilmore could be ditching Deception for a new gig! Word is Carly’s about to offer Sasha a sweet job at the Metro Court. With Sasha looking for a fresh start, this could be a perfect fit. Of course, Carly won’t miss the chance to rub a little salt in Nina’s wounds since she’s back in the boss chair now. Those two have never been besties…

The Quartermaine Family Feud Continues

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia’s fired up about something. Don’t be surprised if she clashes with Tracy – those two always get into it. Later, Tracy gives Gregory a reality check. This whole situation with Violet’s got to be hard on him, and it sounds like Tracy’s not letting him hide his struggles. Meanwhile, Gregory might find himself at odds with Finn when it comes to how much extra care he needs.

Sonny’s Good Deeds Go Wrong

Poor Sonny, nothing seems to be going right for him lately. Looks like some big donation he planned for Port Charles is going to be turned down. Laura Collins lays it out for him – no amount of charity work can hide the kind of man Sonny’s become. Ouch! This could push Sonny even deeper into his dark side…

Nina’s Burned and Molly Needs Help

Nina and Carly are officially enemies! Nina’s blaming Carly for her latest mess and makes some dire predictions about trouble brewing. We all know Ava’s the real snake in that situation, and it won’t be long before Carly figures it out too. As for Molly, she’s in a tough spot and reaches out to her mom, Alexis, for support. Maybe she wants to talk some sense into Kristina about all this Sonny drama?

A Few Things to Keep in Mind…

Since GH relationships can be a tangled mess, I’ve gone extra careful not to assume anyone’s a parent, sibling, etc., unless the spoilers were crystal clear. Soap plots change on a dime, so let’s see how all this plays out next week!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Carly offers Sasha a job at the Metro Court.
  2. Olivia clashes with Tracy at the Quartermaine mansion.
  3. Sonny’s donation to Port Charles is rejected by Laura.
  4. Nina blames Carly for her latest mess and predicts trouble.
  5. Molly reaches out to Alexis for support amid Sonny drama.


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