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GH Spoilers: Kristina Suspects Ava, Carly Uncovers Shocking Truth

GH spoilers reveal Kristina’s suspicions about Ava, Carly’s mission to test Sonny’s meds, and Valentin’s twisted plan to frame Sonny.



Kristina Corinthos Davis Sonny Corinthos and Carly Corinthos
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Kristina’s Concerns and Carly’s Investigative Mission

Table of Contents

  1. Kristina’s Concerns About Ava and Sonny
  2. Carly’s Skepticism Towards Sonny and Ava
  3. Carly’s Mission to Investigate Sonny’s Meds
  4. Valentin’s Twisted Plan Revealed
  5. Confrontation and Mystery Unraveling

Kristina’s Concerns About Ava and Sonny

Looks like Kristina Corinthos-Davis has a bad feeling about Ava Jerome swirling around her dad, Sonny. Sonny’s been acting, well, not quite like himself lately, and Kristina knows her father’s darkness all too well. Remember that whole Ava-swapping-Morgan’s-meds thing that ended tragically? Yeah, Kristina isn’t about to let history repeat itself.

Carly’s Skepticism Towards Sonny and Ava

Enter Carly Corinthos, the ever-skeptical ex-wife. We all know Carly isn’t Ava’s biggest fan, and Sonny’s sudden trust in his former flame definitely raises some red flags for her too. Maybe it’s time for a girls’ night in with a side of detective work?

Carly’s Mission to Investigate Sonny’s Meds

Here’s the juicy part: Carly might just sneak into Sonny’s penthouse on a mission to get his meds tested. (Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?) And guess what? The pills turn out to be tampered with! Uh oh, Ava’s looking guilty… or is she?

Valentin’s Twisted Plan Revealed

As it turns out, Valentin Cassadine, that charming villain we love to hate, is the real culprit behind the medication switch. His plan? To mess with Sonny’s mind and land him in prison. Clever, but oh so twisted.

Confrontation and Mystery Unraveling

So, while Kristina’s suspicions about Ava were spot on (Ava did know about the meds), she wasn’t entirely right this time. But hey, you can’t blame her for looking out for her dad, right? Now that Carly and Kristina are onto Valentin’s scheme, things are about to get messy. Will Sonny believe them when they confront him about the bogus pills? Will Ava somehow end up taking the fall for Valentin’s mess? One thing’s for sure, the drama in Port Charles is about to heat up!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kristina is concerned about Sonny’s involvement with Ava.
  2. Carly remains skeptical about Sonny and Ava’s relationship.
  3. Carly takes it upon herself to investigate Sonny’s medication.
  4. Valentin’s twisted plan is revealed to sabotage Sonny.
  5. Confrontation between the characters ensues as the mystery unravels.


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