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General Hospital

GH Spoilers: Alexis and Sam Deeply Worried Over Kristina’s Dilemmas

Deep worries escalate as Kristina Davis confronts emotional challenges, with her family, Alexis and Sam, deeply concerned about her well-being.



Kristina Davis looking troubled Alexis Davis appearing distressed Sam McCall showing concern
General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Fumes, Drew Pitches, and Sonny Warns

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly Fumes, Drew Pitches, and Sonny Warns

Okay, GH fans, brace yourselves. Carly’s fuming, Drew’s ready to pitch, and Sonny’s handing out warnings like Halloween candy. Things are getting messy!

Josslyn Needs a Reality Check

Josslyn and Trina are catching their breath, and Joss seems a little…intense. Girl needs to remember, it’s okay to not be 100% in on everything. Take it from Trina; sometimes, showing up for your friend (even if your heart’s not fully in it) is all that matters. These two always have each other’s backs, even when things get complicated – especially for Trina right now.

Kristina’s Family Drama

Alexis and Sam are stressing about Kristina, and it’s understandable. Girl’s got enough on her plate without TJ micromanaging her life. Plus, she loves Sonny, worries about him, and Ava…well, let’s just say Kristina’s not buying what Ava’s selling!

Wait, Who’s Gone Too Far This Time?

Over at Sonny’s place, Ava’s throwing out accusations like nobody’s business. Could be Carly, who storms in later, realizing Sonny’s meds are off. Carly and Ava in the same room? Oh boy, that’s a recipe for disaster. Maybe Ava’s not even talking to Carly – maybe she’s got a co-conspirator who’s taking this bipolar meds mess way too far.

Carly’s Putting Her Foot Down

Look, Carly doesn’t play when it comes to her kids. She’s either dressing down Ava or Sonny, saying it’s not good for Donna to be around them. Yikes! Sonny could be a danger, and Ava’s no angel. This is a tough call, but mama bear’s gonna do what she’s gotta do.

Drew’s Big Meeting

Meanwhile, Drew’s driving Nina to see her dad’s congressman friend, but hold on…Nina’s already unbuckling? This is either a classic “I forgot my notes!” move, or second thoughts are creeping in. Is it really the best idea to bring a virtual stranger to this meeting?

Sonny the Paranoid Papa

Sonny’s giving Dante the “stay away from him” speech about Dex. Uh, Sonny? Does amnesia ring a bell? Dex has saved your life more times than we can count! Even Dante’s gotta be cautious if he ends up on Sonny’s bad side.

Top 5 Takeaways:

  1. Josslyn needs to understand that it’s okay not to be fully invested in everything.
  2. Alexis and Sam are concerned about Kristina, who has reservations about Ava.
  3. Ava makes accusations at Sonny’s place, possibly about Carly or a co-conspirator.
  4. Carly believes it’s not good for Donna to be around Sonny or Ava.
  5. Sonny warns Dante to stay away from Dex, despite Dex’s loyalty.


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