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Days of our Lives Spoilers: Xander Battles Maggie for Custody; Leo & Dimitri’s Daring Escape Plan!



DOOL Spoilers Maggie Horton Xander Cook

Top 5 Takeaways & Days of our Lives Spoilers:

  1. Tense Custody Battle: The rift between Xander Cook and Maggie Horton intensifies as Xander takes drastic measures to ensure his place in his daughter, Victoria’s life. Pushing for full custody, he labels Sarah Horton unfit, leading to an explosive confrontation with Maggie, who’s been a staunch supporter of Xander until now.
  2. Sarah’s Secrecy Unveiled: Maggie’s daughter, Sarah, initially tried to pin Rex Brady as the baby’s father, leading to further complications. However, after Maggie’s efforts to persuade Sarah to be truthful, tensions reach a boiling point, especially with Xander’s determination to drag Sarah to family court.
  3. Leo & Dimitri’s Risky Run: With Dimitri von Leuschner on the brink of a hefty sentence for attempted murder, the duo, Leo Stark and Dimitri, contemplate desperate measures to evade the looming threat of the Salem PD. Their love and determination to be together propel them towards a daring escape plan.
  4. A Game of Deception with DiMera Enterprises: Gabi Hernandez and Stefan DiMera are on the offensive, attempting to outsmart EJ DiMera and secure control of DiMera Enterprises. With secrets, blackmail, and backstabbing, their game of cat and mouse promises explosive outcomes in the coming weeks.
  5. Mysteries and Revelations: Xander may find himself in another trap, putting him at odds not just with Maggie but potentially more sinister forces. Meanwhile, Maggie must confront the consequences of her promises as the storyline unfolds.
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Days Spoilers: Leo and Dimitri’s Escape Quest & Xander’s Custody Struggle Intensifies

Salem is bustling with drama, intrigue, and romance according to the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers. Fans can expect lots of twists and turns in the coming week that will have them on the edge of their seats.

One of the biggest storylines developing is the custody battle between Xander Cook and Sarah Horton over baby Victoria. Xander is pushing hard for full custody, even claiming that Sarah is an unfit mother. This shocks Maggie Horton, who has actually been supportive of Xander up until now. But his aggressive legal moves against Sarah, her own daughter, have Maggie ready to confront Xander directly. It remains to be seen whether Xander will back down or if this will create a serious rift between him and Maggie.

Meanwhile, the romance between Leo Stark and Dimitri Von Leuschner faces new obstacles as Dimitri’s legal troubles put pressure on the couple. In a desperate bid to stay together, Leo and Dimitri apparently make plans to escape from Salem. Will the star-crossed lovers succeed in making a clean getaway? Or will they ultimately decide to face the music and fight to clear Dimitri’s name rather than live life on the run? Fans are anxious to see how this relationship saga plays out.

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Over at DiMera Enterprises, Gabi Hernandez and Stefan DiMera think they’ve outmaneuvered EJ DiMera only to learn he’s been working against them in secret. Now that EJ knows Gabi blackmailed his son Johnny over those company shares, the fight for control of DiMera Enterprises may turn even uglier. Gabi could end up in serious jeopardy if she’s not careful around EJ in the coming weeks.

In other Salem relationship news, the sparks continue between Brady Black and Chloe Lane, but can this romance overcome Brady’s drinking problems? Meanwhile, Rafe Hernandez and Nicole Walker take their flirtation to the next level, but will Eric Brady get in the way when he returns to town?

Also watch for the fallout from Abigail’s devastating decision to end her marriage to Chad DiMera and reunite with Stefan. Chad is heartbroken but he has lots of support from his family as he tries to move forward. However, Abigail’s choice could put her in the middle of the brewing DiMera family war.

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With so much intrigue, excitement and passion heating up, Days of Our Lives fans are in for an entertaining ride this week in Salem. Tune in daily to see how all the juicy storylines and captivating relationships unfold.


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