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General Hospital Spoilers: Alexis Caught in the Middle as Kristina and Molly’s Surrogacy Battle Threatens to Turn Ugly

General Hospital spoilers reveal Alexis finds herself caught in the middle as Kristina and Molly’s surrogacy battle threatens to turn ugly. With fears of an alcohol relapse looming, Alexis struggles to cope with the stress of her daughters’ feud.



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General Hospital Spoilers: Kristina and Molly’s Surrogacy Battle Threatens to Tear Family Apart

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Alexis Juggles Work and Family Drama

General Hospital fans, brace yourselves! A family feud is brewing in Port Charles, and it’s about to get messy.

While Alexis Davis is already juggling a rocky work situation and anxiously awaiting the verdict on her law license, a new drama is about to unfold between her daughters, Kristina and Molly.

Tension Builds in Kristina, Molly, and TJ’s Surrogacy Arrangement

The surrogacy arrangement between Kristina, Molly, and TJ has been fraught with tension from the start. The lack of legal paperwork, Kristina’s questionable choices (like hanging around Sonny), and her growing attachment to the baby have all been red flags. Even Blaze has noticed Kristina’s maternal instincts kicking in.

Reality Hits Molly and TJ

During the week of June 10th, the reality of the situation starts to hit Molly and TJ. After Molly revealed Kristina witnessed Sonny’s violent outburst, TJ’s anger boiled over, and he wanted to warn Kristina to stay away from her dangerous father. Molly, however, wisely intervened, realizing they were in a precarious position, relying on Kristina’s word to hand over the baby after birth.

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In a candid conversation with Molly, TJ expressed his initial reservations about Kristina being their surrogate. Molly countered, emphasizing her desire for a biological connection to their child. This exchange highlighted the underlying tensions and differing perspectives within the trio.

Kristina and Alexis’s Heart-to-Heart

On June 14th, Kristina sits down with Alexis for a heart-to-heart. While they could discuss Kristina’s complex feelings about Sonny or Alexis’s anxiety about her law license, it seems likely that the surrogacy issue will take center stage.

Imagine Alexis’s unease as Kristina hints at her reluctance to part with the baby. Alexis knows this could shatter the family, with Molly vehemently opposing her sister’s wishes. Could Molly even resort to legal action to secure custody of the child? As a lawyer, Alexis understands the potential legal ramifications, but she also knows Molly’s case might not be strong.

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Family Feud and Its Potential Consequences

If Kristina chooses to fight for maternal rights, would TJ and Molly seek full custody? Given Molly’s knowledge of Kristina’s past, could she use it to paint her sister as an unfit mother? The possibilities are endless, and the fallout could be devastating.

If this family feud escalates, Alexis will be caught in the middle, forced to choose between her daughters. Could the stress of this situation drive her back to alcohol? Let’s hope not.

Stay tuned to General Hospital as this gripping storyline unfolds. The battle for the baby is just beginning, and the consequences could tear this family apart.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. A family feud is brewing between Kristina and Molly over the surrogacy arrangement with TJ.
  2. Kristina’s growing attachment to the baby and questionable choices have caused tension in the surrogacy arrangement.
  3. Molly and TJ realize they are in a precarious position, relying on Kristina’s word to hand over the baby after birth.
  4. Kristina’s heart-to-heart with Alexis may reveal her reluctance to part with the baby, potentially shattering the family.
  5. The escalating family feud could have devastating consequences, with Alexis caught in the middle and at risk of turning to alcohol.
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