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General Hospital Spoilers: Ava’s Bombshell About Dex Joining PCPD Ignites Sonny’s Rage, Epic Showdown Ahead

General Hospital spoilers: Ava reveals Dex’s plan to join PCPD, igniting Sonny’s rage. An explosive confrontation looms with far-reaching consequences.



GH spoilers Ava Jerome Sonny Corinthos and Dex Heller
Looming Chaos and Desperate Measures on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Looming Chaos and Desperate Measures on GENERAL HOSPITAL

Things are seriously heating up in Port Charles and it looks like some lives might never be the same! Here’s the juicy scoop:

Lois’ Mysterious Surprise for Brook Lynn

Lois, ever the doting mom, has a mysterious surprise in store for Brook Lynn right before her wedding day. But knowing Lois, this could really go either way. Will Brook Lynn be thrilled, or is this surprise more of a meddling mother moment?

Josslyn’s Desperate Plea to Anna

Josslyn’s been through the wringer with Dex. First, there was that whole mobster connection, and now he wants to be a cop? For Josslyn, this change ain’t any better. The girl’s practically in tears as she pleads with Anna to refuse Dex’s application. Anna definitely seems torn, especially as she makes a mysterious phone call, summoning someone to her office. Did Josslyn get through?

Nina’s Murky Motives and New Scheme

And speaking of complicated, Nina’s motives are murkier than ever. She confides a new scheme to Drew, mentioning it will land her the “real prize.” Could this be about Sonny, or is Nina working some other angle? We need details ASAP!

Jason’s Attempt to Play Peacemaker with Carly

Over at Bobbie’s place, Jason’s trying to play peacemaker with Carly. He claims everything would be different if he’d been around. Frankly, it’s hard to argue with that – the guy’s usually got things on lockdown.

Ava’s Bombshell and Sonny’s Fury Over Dex

Meanwhile, Ava’s stirring the pot and causing some major drama! Instead of clueing Sonny in about his medication mix-up, she spills the beans about Dex’s career change. Sonny’s already a ticking timebomb, and this news sends him over the edge. You could practically hear his roar across Port Charles! So, what’s Sonny going to do about Dex taking this huge step?

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Lois has a mysterious surprise planned for Brook Lynn before her wedding day.
  2. Josslyn tearfully pleads with Anna to refuse Dex’s application to join the PCPD.
  3. Nina confides a new scheme to Drew that will supposedly lead her to the “real prize.”
  4. Jason attempts to play peacemaker between himself and Carly at Bobbie’s place.
  5. Ava reveals Dex’s plan to join the PCPD to Sonny, sending him into a rage.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. lbc

    April 19, 2024 at 5:29 pm

    Nina just keeps scheming and getting no place. She should realize by now that with all her scheming will only push Sonny further away (if there is any way he can get any further). Sure whatever she is scheming will be in reference to either Sonny or Willow who both don’t care for her behavior. Will she ever learn.

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