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General Hospital Spoilers: Sonny Corinthos and Carly Spencer’s Explosive Showdown, Accusations Fly About Jason Morgan and John “Jagger” Cates

General Hospital spoilers reveal Sonny Corinthos and Carly Spencer engage in a heated confrontation, with accusations flying about Jason Morgan and John “Jagger” Cates.



General Hospital spoilers Sonny Corinthos Carly Spencer
Chaos and Conspiracy: Sonny Spirals as Deception Blooms

Chaos and Conspiracy: Sonny Spirals as Deception Blooms

Get your popcorn ready, soap addicts, because things are getting wild on General Hospital! The week of April 22-26 looks like it’s serving up a heaping dose of messy drama, and wouldn’t ya know it, Sonny Corinthos is right in the middle of it all! He’s off his meds, folks, which means he’s on a downward spiral into paranoia and explosive outbursts. It ain’t a pretty sight.

Sonny Corinthos Unravels Without Proper Medication

And speaking of messy, Ava Jerome had better watch her back. She’s waiting on those pill test results, and she’s facing a tough choice. Does she spill the beans to Sonny and expose this medication sabotage? Maybe that’ll get her on his good side, but then again, a fully-medicated Sonny might not be as easy to control. Tick-tock, Ava, the clock’s running. Oh, and let’s not forget the little fact that she’s messed with some meds before… she could easily become the prime suspect in this whole scheme.

Ava Jerome Faces Dilemma Over Pill Test Results

Meanwhile, Sonny’s got himself a showdown brewing with Carly Spencer. This ain’t gonna be some polite disagreement. Could it be about Jason Morgan? Sonny’s gesture about gifting the Metro Court? Or that attack on John “Jagger” Cates? Maybe all of the above! And hey, with Carly spending some quality time with Agent Cates, Sonny might just jump to the wrong conclusions and accuse her of having a new fling!

Sonny and Carly Spencer Headed for Explosive Showdown

Over to Nina, who’s about to find out something that’ll throw her for a loop. Could the truth about Sonny’s newfound dislike of Jason finally come out? Remember, Ava painted this pretty picture of Sonny and Jason being like brothers. If Nina learns the truth…. let’s just say Ava’s gonna have some tough questions to answer.

Nina on the Verge of Discovering Sonny’s Newfound Dislike for Jason

Switching gears, Sam McCall’s mama-bear instincts are kicking in! She’s determined to keep Jason away from Danny Morgan. A warning here, another warning there… will that stop a kid bent on seeing his uncle? Don’t count on it!

On a much lighter note, Willow Corinthos might just be Drew Cain’s shoulder to cry on after his breakup with Carly. A little reassurance, some kind words…and who knows, maybe those old sparks with Nina will start to flicker again.

Lois Cerullo Impresses with Deception Knowledge, Potential New Job

And here’s a shocker: Lois Cerullo is about to blow Maxie Jones away with her knowledge of all things Deception! Could a new job be in the works? Now that Sasha Gilmore’s spokesmodel gig is more of a favor than anything else, Lois might fit that role like a glove.

General Hospital is jam-packed with unexpected twists and turns the week of April 22-26. Will Port Charles explode? Stay tuned to find out!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Sonny Corinthos spirals out of control without his proper medication.
  2. Ava Jerome faces a tough choice regarding Sonny’s pill test results.
  3. Sonny and Carly Spencer are headed for an explosive showdown.
  4. Nina is on the verge of discovering Sonny’s newfound dislike for Jason.
  5. Lois Cerullo impresses with her Deception knowledge and may land a new job.


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