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Days Of Our Lives

Days of our Lives Spoilers: Xander & Sarah’s Explosive Custody Clash



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Top 5 Takeaways & Spoilers

  1. The Custody Battle Intensifies: Xander Cook is determined to win custody of Victoria Grace, claiming Sarah Horton has fabricated her pregnancy story. Sarah, standing her ground, refuses to let her ex-felon ex-husband raise their child, leading to a fierce legal showdown.
  2. Legal Eagles with Hidden Agendas: Xander’s lawyer, Sloan Petersen, might seem to be aiding his case, but her history of manipulating DNA test results for her own gain hints at her true, uncaring nature. Meanwhile, Sarah’s attorney, Justin Kiriakis, remains cautiously optimistic despite the looming shadow of Sarah’s past lies.
  3. Foul Play Accusations: Sarah suspects Xander of underhanded tactics to win the custody battle. His criminal past already casts a long shadow, and Sarah’s concerns hint at a potentially dirty fight ahead.
  4. Possible Plot Twists: With hints of both Sloan Petersen and Xander engaging in dubious actions, there’s speculation that a plot twist could sway the custody battle in unexpected directions.
  5. A Glimmer of Hope for the Parents: Despite the ongoing battle, there’s a suggestion that Xander and Sarah may eventually reunite for the sake of their daughter, with a teaser of Xander inviting Sarah to move in with him, offering a possibility of a family reconciliation.
Days Spoilers: Sarah & Xander’s Custody War Takes a Dark Turn

In the buzzing world of Salem, a heart-wrenching custody battle unfolds on “Days of our Lives,” gripping viewers with its intense drama. The spotlight shines on two former flames, Xander Cook and Sarah Horton, who find themselves entangled in a fierce legal tug-of-war over their young daughter, Victoria Grace. The stakes are sky-high, and the suspense thickens with every passing moment on the Peacock exclusive.

At the heart of the dispute is Xander, played by Paul Telfer, whose determination to win custody is as steadfast as the Scottish Highlands. He accuses Sarah, portrayed by Linsey Godfrey, of weaving a web of deceit about Victoria’s paternity. Sarah, however, is equally resolved not to let her child be raised by a man with a criminal ledger as long as his rap sheet.

The plot thickens as Xander enlists the cunning Sloan Petersen as his legal counsel. To the untrained eye, Sloan appears to be an ally in Xander’s corner, but her past is checkered with dubious deeds. She’s no stranger to scandal, having once switched DNA tests to keep a husband in the dark—a maneuver that suggests her intentions are far from noble.

On the opposing side stands Justin Kiriakis, portrayed by Wally Kurth, as Sarah’s legal defender. He’s a seasoned attorney who knows the perils of past deceptions. Despite the warning shadows of Sarah’s former falsehoods, the duo is braced to fight for Victoria’s future.

“Days of our Lives” spoilers tease that Sarah suspects foul play in Xander’s strategy. Could it be that his checkered history is bleeding into the present, threatening to taint the custody case? The mere thought sends ripples of concern through Salem.

The air is rife with speculation—what could Sloan Petersen be plotting to tip the scales in Xander’s favor? Every move is scrutinized, every intention questioned, as the battle for Victoria’s custody rages on.

Yet, amidst the legal storm, a ray of hope glimmers for the battling parents. Rumors swirl that reconciliation may be on the horizon for Xander and Sarah. Could this once smitten pair navigate through the tempest and come together for the sake of their daughter? The town of Salem buzzes with anticipation, as viewers eagerly await the unfolding drama on “Days of our Lives.”

The narrative of Xander and Sarah’s struggle is a compelling saga of love, deception, and redemption. As the custody battle intensifies, fans are left wondering: will there be a fairytale ending for these embattled parents? Stay tuned as “Days of our Lives” spoilers suggest that the path to a happy family may not be far off, with Xander extending an olive branch and a home to Sarah and their daughter.


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