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General Hospital Spoilers: Dos Maxie Finally Choose Spinelli Over Austin in Shocking Turn of Events?



GH Spoilers MAxie Jones Damien Spinelli

Top 5 Takeaways & General Hospital Spoilers:

  1. Maxie’s Love Life Gets a Boost: After an uneventful romantic phase and the troublesome Peter August out of the picture, Maxie Jones is taking matters of the heart into her own hands. Despite a lukewarm spark with Dr. Austin Gatlin-Jones, it’s Damian Spinelli who’s been on her mind for over a decade.
  2. Spinelli’s Past Looms: Damian Spinelli had once found solace in Ellie Trout’s arms, someone who matched his demeanor and personality. Their relocation to Portland and subsequent return to Port Charles showcased the challenges in their relationship, largely due to Spinelli’s close ties with Jason Morgan.
  3. Ellie Trout’s Ultimatum: Ellie’s patience wore thin as she saw Spinelli continually risk his life for Jason. An ultimatum was laid down: stop aiding Jason or lose Ellie. A torn Spinelli eventually chose loyalty to Jason, leading to Ellie’s departure.
  4. Maxie’s Transition Phase: Moving out of her old apartment, Maxie now stays at her comatose best friend Lulu Spencer’s house. Amidst the spacious comfort, she feels the void of a romantic partner. With Spinelli’s undying love for her, it might be the perfect time for them to revisit their feelings.
  5. Fans Speculate on Maxie’s Decision: With Austin out of the limelight, the focus shifts to Maxie and Spinelli’s potential rekindled romance. The question remains – is Spinelli the right choice for Maxie?
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General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie’s Heartfelt Decision – Spinelli or Austin?

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General Hospital fans are buzzing about Maxie Jones’ love life as she navigates moving on from her toxic entanglement with Peter August. While her spark with Austin Gatlin-Jones fizzled fast, rumors suggest Maxie may finally be ready to rediscover romance with an old flame – the devoted Damian Spinelli.

As longtime viewers know, Spinelli has pined for Maxie for over a decade. Their own shot at love flamed out years ago, leading Spinelli to find brief happiness with quirky Ellie Trout. But Maxie was never far from Spinelli’s mind, even as he relocated to Portland with Ellie.

GH spoilers say Spinelli’s lingering love will take center stage again soon. Maxie is transforming her life, renting Lulu’s spacious home and embracing independence post-Peter. But her fresh start would be even sweeter with Spinelli by her side. Maxie just needs to open her eyes to the perfect partner under her nose.

Spinelli never stopped caring for Maxie, dropping everything to aid Jason Morgan while also supporting Maxie through crises. His selfless devotion persisted despite girlfriend Ellie’s frustration, ultimately leading to their split when Spinelli refused to abandon Jason.

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Free from both Ellie and toxic Peter, Spinelli and Maxie finally have a chance to rediscover their bond. Spinelli is no longer the bumbling hacker who irritated Maxie initially. He has matured into a steadfast, loving man eager to provide Maxie the stable future she deserves.

Maxie may realize Austin was just a lackluster rebound, especially compared to Spinelli’s depth of caring. Spinelli knows and cherishes Maxie for exactly who she is – flaws and all. And Spinelli’s eccentricities now seem more endearing than annoying to Maxie given the trauma of her sham marriage.

The stage is set for these star-crossed lovers to find their way back to each other. Spinelli sticking around Port Charles despite Ellie’s departure hints he was subconsciously waiting for Maxie. And with Georgie’s fatherhood uncertain, Spinelli could step up as a reliable father figure.

Maxie understandably developed trust issues from Peter’s cons and cruelty. But with Spinelli, she can relax in the confidence his adoration is genuine. Spinelli nursed a broken heart when Maxie pulled away before. This time, he could restore Maxie’s fractured faith in love.

Longtime fans are rooting for Maxie to stop resisting what Spinelli has offered all along – true devotion. Their rebuilt friendship provides the perfect foundation for renewed romance. After so much angst, now may finally be the right time for this couple.

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The months ahead promise continued healing and growth for Maxie post-Peter, with Spinelli potentially the missing piece in her happiest chapter yet. Savvy GH viewers say this duo deserves another shot at lasting love. If Maxie looks closer, she’ll see Spinelli is and always was her safe place to fall.


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