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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly’s Cold Front to John Cates Signals Stormy Alliances!

GH spoilers: Carly Spencer’s frosty meet with John “Jagger” Cates stirs Port Charles drama.



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General Hospital Spoilers & Developments

General Hospital: Late February to Early March Spoilers

Sonny and Spinelli’s Secret Plan
Carly’s Clash with Jagger
Nina’s Confrontation with Sonny
Wedding Dress Drama and New Romances
Returns and Reconciliations

Sonny and Spinelli’s Secret Plan

In the always eventful town of Port Charles, local kingpin Sonny Corinthos recruits computer expert Damian Spinelli for a secretive operation sure to cause a stir from late February to early March. Sonny lets Spinelli in on his crafty scheme.

Carly’s Clash with Jagger

Sonny’s wife Carly Spencer has an awkward first encounter with new arrival John “Jagger” Cates and immediately distrusts him. Jagger may be angling to get Carly to turn on Sonny, but his efforts prove futile so far.

Nina’s Confrontation with Sonny

Encouraged by friend Curtis Ashford, Carly’s ex Drew Cain tries a more diplomatic approach to resolve tensions with Carly over Drew’s support of Nina Corinthos, Sonny’s estranged wife. Meanwhile, Nina herself feels unsettled by the increased closeness between Sonny and his ex-lover Ava Jerome.

Wedding Dress Drama and New Romances

On a lighter note, young singer Brook Lynn Quartermaine gets input on selecting the perfect wedding gown. Meanwhile, musician Blaze’s mother Natalia Rogers-Ramirez is shocked to discover Blaze’s girlfriend Kristina Corinthos-Davis in her daughter’s room, prompting Blaze to stand up to her disapproving mother and proudly declare her love for Kristina.

Returns and Reconciliations

Top doctors Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Baldwin consider their future, perhaps even marriage. As always, drama awaits, especially with the March 4 return of Sonny’s notorious enforcer Jason Morgan right as Sonny’s big gambit unfolds.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Sonny and Spinelli team up for a secret plan.
  2. Carly and Jagger’s first meeting is frosty.
  3. Nina confronts Sonny about their marriage.
  4. Wedding planning and declarations of love mix with family drama.
  5. Jason Morgan’s return adds to the suspense.


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