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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Nina Faces Warning from Drew Over New Plan

Spoilers reveal Nina’s latest plan in Port Charles could land her in hot water. Will she listen to Drew’s warning?



General Hospital spoilers Nina Reeves Drew Cain
General Hospital Tensions Rise

General Hospital: Tensions Rise in Port Charles

Tensions are running high on General Hospital as several Port Charles residents find themselves in tricky situations.

Table of Contents

Willow’s Woes

Willow’s worries are reaching a boiling point as the weight of helping a fugitive on the run from the authorities starts to sink in. Can her hubby Michael find the right words to ease her troubled mind?

Liz Faces Job Jeopardy

Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Liz is sweating bullets as she learns her job could be on the chopping block. Deanna’s curiosity is piqued – just what kind of mess has Nurse Tait gotten herself into this time? Could her secret aid to Jason be the cause of her potential pink slip?

Deception Photo Shoot Snag

Across town, the Deception photo shoot hits a snag as Sasha throws her hands up in frustration, pleading for a timeout. Tempers are flaring in the office too, with Cody, Brook Lynn, and Maxie left stunned as Tracy dramatically tosses aside a document, declaring they shouldn’t be the only ones left to deal with the fallout.

Heather’s Mental Health Revelation

Heather’s world has been turned upside down with the revelation that her metal hip replacement may have been messing with her mind. Lost and confused, she turns to Laura for guidance, wondering if her wild ways have always been a part of her nature.

Nina’s Latest Scheme

Finally, Drew’s spidey senses are tingling as he catches wind of Nina’s latest scheme during a chat in her office. He cautions her to watch her step, warning that she’s bound to get busted if she’s not careful. Just what kind of trouble is Ms. Reeves cooking up now?

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Willow is struggling with the moral implications of her actions.
  2. Liz’s job is at risk due to her clandestine activities.
  3. The Deception photo shoot faces unexpected challenges.
  4. Heather questions her past behavior due to a medical revelation.
  5. Nina is planning something risky that could attract unwanted attention.


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