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The Young and the Restless

Y&R Spoilers: Kyle and Summer Race to Buy Harrison a House, Claire “Scary Poppins” Gets Her Own Room

Y&R spoilers reveal Kyle and Summer competing to buy Harrison a house with a yard. Harrison’s nanny Claire, nicknamed “Scary Poppins,” may get her own room in the new home.



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Kyle & Summer Buy a House With Yard, Scary Poppins Gets a Room

Table of Contents

  1. Kyle & Summer’s Race for Harrison’s House
  2. Harrison’s Nanny: “Scary Poppins” Claire Grace
  3. Y&R’s Limited Sets and Shared Home Solution
  4. Harrison and Claire’s Room Decoration Plans
  5. Implications of New Living Arrangements

Kyle & Summer’s Race for Harrison’s House

Y&R’s Kyle & Summer race to see which parent can get Harrison a house with a yard first. If Kyle Abbott can dial down his selfishness at least a tad, Harrison ends up in a home with a yard & it’s his parents who swap the American Dream for a GCAC Suite back & forth. Of course, Harrison’s nanny “Scary Poppins” will have a room as his full-time nanny.

Harrison’s Nanny: “Scary Poppins” Claire Grace

Thanks to Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford), we have a new nickname for Harrison’s new nanny Claire Grace (Hayley Erin), & it’s Scary Poppins. Boo! Phyllis freaking nailed it & now we know that Scary Poppins knows everything.

No one knows who’s watching Harrison when Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) & soon-to-be girlfriend who doubles as Harrison’s nanny. However, Claire now knows Kyle’s sort of secret career change & that he & Harrison will be moving out of the Abbott Estate. Kyle noted that he & Harrison moving out of the Abbott house will affect Claire as well. Chances are that Harrison will not be the only one with a new room to decorate, Scary Poppins will too.

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Y&R’s Limited Sets and Shared Home Solution

Even if the Y&R writers wanted to have Kyle Abbott & Summer Newman (Allison Lanier) each acquire new big houses with yards for Harrison, it isn’t in the budget. Lily Winters (Christel Khalil) bought the Grand Phoenix on behalf of Chancellor Winters from Phyllis Summers & the hotel hasn’t been seen since. Where is the Collenade Room? Where’s the Top of the Tower? What about the bar/restaurant with a pool? Why did Victoria Newman’s (Ameilia Heinle) home have to burn down? Not in the budget on Young & the Restless.

So, what’s the next best for Harrison under these conditions? Kyle & Summer buying a home with a yard together to live in separately, taking turns to do their part to raise Harrison switching back & forth from the Genoa City Athletic Club.

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Harrison and Claire’s Room Decoration Plans

If Jabot’s Marchetti Home isn’t involved at all in decorating Harrison’s new house something is for sure up with the powers that be at Young & the Restless. Harrison & his nanny will have so much fun bonding over decorating their new rooms & Summer will be jealous.

Implications of New Living Arrangements

What happens when Scary Poppins’ new brother & sister find out she has her own room at Harrison’s? Katie as already asked why Claire can’t move in with the Abbotts with her being Harrison’s nanny. With all of the time Claire spends with Kyle &/or Harrison, she may as well live in Harrison’s house.

Plus, this living arrangement will keep Audra Charles (Zuleyka Silver) away from Harrison which will please Summer. Also, Kyle can play house with Claire & Harrison & have Audra to occupy himself during his turns to stay at the GCAC.

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Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kyle and Summer are competing to get Harrison a house with a yard.
  2. Harrison’s nanny Claire Grace has been nicknamed “Scary Poppins” by Phyllis Summers.
  3. Y&R’s budget constraints may lead to Kyle and Summer sharing a home for Harrison.
  4. Harrison and Claire might decorate their new rooms together.
  5. The new living arrangement could affect relationships with Audra Charles and other family members.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Charlene Johnson-Boyd

    July 7, 2024 at 2:36 pm

    I absolutely despise the different names Phyllis comes up for people she doesn’t like. Claire doesn’t deserve that. Phyllis is the scary one. Everything she does is basically a scheme to retaliate against someone or scheming a plot to hurt. Now, Summer is falling right in with her.

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