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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Jason Morgan’s Shocking Return Leaves Carly Spencer Speechless

General Hospital spoilers reveal Jason Morgan’s surprising return to Port Charles, leaving Carly Spencer in disbelief and dealing with his injury.



General Hospital spoilers Carly Spencer and Jason Morgan

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Carly and Jason’s Shocking Reunion

Brace yourselves, General Hospital fans, because the drama is about to explode like a shaken can of soda! Carly Spencer is in for the shock of her life when a familiar face sneaks into her place on Friday, March 8. Just as Carly is about to head upstairs, a voice calls out her name, and she freezes in her tracks. It’s none other than Jason Morgan, back from the dead!

Carly’s jaw drops to the floor, and she can’t believe her eyes. Jason assures her that it’s really him, and that’s all it takes for Carly to rush into his arms, holding on for dear life. It’s a reunion that’s been a long time coming, and the emotions are running higher than a kite in a windstorm.

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Jason’s Mysterious Injury

But wait, there’s more! Jason’s not just back from the dead; he’s also sporting an injury that needs some serious TLC. Carly notices the blood and realizes that Jason needs medical attention, stat. She mentions having a first aid kit, but leaving Jason’s side even for a moment is harder than trying to tear a kid away from a candy store.

Carly’s Attempt to Treat Jason’s Wound

Carly eventually grabs the medical supplies, but she quickly realizes that she’s not exactly Dr. House when it comes to treating gunshot wounds. She wishes she could call her mom, Bobbie Spencer, for help, but Jason warns her not to.

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Carly Reveals Bobbie Spencer’s Passing

That’s when Carly drops the bombshell that Bobbie has passed away, leaving Jason feeling like he’s been sucker-punched. He wasn’t there for Carly when it happened, and it hits him harder than a ton of bricks.

Anna and John’s Investigation Leads to Carly’s Door

But wait, there’s even more drama on the horizon! Anna Devane gets wind of Jason being caught on surveillance footage and suspects that he might’ve gone to Carly for help. She fills in John Cates, and they head over to Carly’s place faster than a cheetah chasing its prey.

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