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General Hospital Spoilers: Josslyn and Dex’s Flirty Competition Intensifies as Anna Inquires About Dex’s Police Training

General Hospital spoilers reveal Josslyn Jacks and Dex Heller engage in a flirty competition while Anna Devane inquires about Dex’s police training progress.



Josslyn Jacks Dex Heller
Sonny’s Meds Mystery… and Carly’s Classic Meddling? Port Charles, Buckle Up!

Sonny’s Meds Mystery… and Carly’s Classic Meddling? Port Charles, Buckle Up!

Table of Contents

Sonny’s Meds Mystery and Ava’s Investigation

Alright, GH fans, I don’t know about you, but something smells fishy with Sonny Corinthos. Is it just me, or are those meds messing with his head? Ava Jerome’s definitely onto something, and you know she won’t rest until she gets to the bottom of it. Her grilling Kevin Collins? This has the makings of a major Port Charles meltdown.

Carly’s Meddling and Jason’s Headache

And speaking of meltdowns, can we talk about Carly Spencer? Girlfriend never learned when to keep her mouth shut! Her little Pentonville tête-à-tête with Jack Brennan? Recipe for disaster. Jason Morgan’s gonna need a whole bottle of aspirin to deal with this one. Of course, Jagger Cates smells a rat, but hey, maybe Carly’s innocent for once. Cates could use a refresher course in “How to Keep a Secret 101”.

Josslyn and Dex’s Budding Romance

Okay, let’s lighten the mood for a sec, shall we? Because sparks are flying between Josslyn Jacks and Dex Heller! That playful park challenge? Someone’s blushing, and it’s not just from the workout. Is this a rebound romance for Josslyn, or are we looking at the next Port Charles super couple? Only time will tell!

Sonny’s Soft Spot and Potential Wedding Invitation

Back to Sonny…did anyone else catch that twinkle in his eye when Natalia Ramirez talked about Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding? Seems like our favorite mob boss might have a softer side. Could it be that Sonny needs a date, and Natalia’s the lucky winner of the “plus one” sweepstakes?

Anna’s Obsession with Taking Down Sonny

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Anna Devane is ready to rumble! Her beef with Jason over Carly’s blabbermouth ways is just the tip of the iceberg. This obsession with taking Sonny down? Honestly, it’s starting to feel kinda…crazy? Am I alone in this, or is Anna giving off major villain vibes lately?

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Sonny’s medication may be affecting his behavior, and Ava is determined to investigate.
  2. Carly’s meddling could lead to trouble for herself and Jason.
  3. Josslyn and Dex’s flirtatious interaction hints at a potential romance.
  4. Sonny might invite Natalia to Brook Lynn and Chase’s wedding as his plus one.
  5. Anna’s obsession with taking down Sonny is becoming increasingly concerning.


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