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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Cyrus and Anna’s Investigation Leads to Shocking “Stone” Revelations

Port Charles is on edge as spoilers reveal Cyrus and Anna delve into the enigmatic “Stone” connection, promising shockwaves



General Hospital spoilers Cyrus Renault Anna Devane Sonny Corinthos
General Hospital Episode Preview for February 23rd

General Hospital Episode Preview for February 23rd

Table of Contents

Emotional Moments at the Baby Checkup with Kristina, TJ, and Molly

In the next episode of “General Hospital” airing on February 23rd, we can expect some emotional moments and building tension between the characters. Young parents-to-be TJ Ashford and Molly Lansing-Davis feel a bit uneasy after accompanying Kristina Corinthos-Davis to a baby checkup. Kristina becomes very emotional during the appointment, making TJ and Molly uncomfortable as they witness her deep connection to the child she’s carrying for them.

Kristina Confides in Blaze About Her Connection to the Baby

Kristina later confides in her friend Blaze about the experience, explaining how it felt like the baby was her own. As Kristina cries, Blaze comforts her, showing the close friendship they’ve formed. This hints at potential complications stemming from Kristina’s strong feelings toward the child. Still, Blaze’s support seems to mean a lot to her, likely strengthening their growing bond.

Awkward Situation with Gregory, Tracy, and Alexis at the Restaurant

Meanwhile, Gregory Chase notices Tracy Quartermaine acting peculiarly at a restaurant and invites her and Alexis Davis to join him. However, Tracy feels like she’s intruding, particularly after wanting Gregory to accompany her to a wedding but finding out he was already going with Alexis. Gregory tries finding out what’s bothering Tracy, leading to an awkward situation between them.

Sam McCall Worries About Her Son Danny’s Rebellious Behavior

Elsewhere, concerned mother Sam McCall talks to Elizabeth Baldwin about her son Danny’s recent rebellious behavior like sneaking out and drinking. Elizabeth attempts reassurance that it’s normal teen stuff, but Sam worries Danny takes after his risk-taking father, Jason Morgan.

Sonny Contemplates His Next Move Amidst Suspicious Activities

In prison scenes, Cyrus Renault tries getting information from Philip O’Neill about who threatened him, aiming to aid Anna Devane’s investigation. Anna’s ex John “Jagger” Cates reluctantly lets her continue investigating to avoid trouble from superiors, especially following a revelation tied to Sonny Corinthos.

Catching wind of suspicious activity involving a man called “Stone” closely linked to John’s family, Sonny starts thinking John has a personal motive. This leads a frustrated Sonny to break a glass, contemplating his next move against the potential threat.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kristina feels a strong connection to the baby she’s carrying for TJ and Molly.
  2. Blaze provides comfort and support to Kristina, deepening their friendship.
  3. Gregory, Tracy, and Alexis find themselves in an awkward situation at a restaurant.
  4. Sam is concerned about her son Danny’s behavior and its resemblance to his father’s.
  5. Sonny becomes suspicious of John’s actions and contemplates revenge.


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