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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: The Quartermaine Showdown – Michael vs. Ned for ELQ Control

General Hospital’s latest episode sees Michael and Ned in a heated battle for ELQ’s future. Who will take the lead?



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Top 5 Takeaways & General Hospital Spoilers

  1. Emotional Bonds and Changing Dynamics: In Port Charles, comfort and support take center stage as Carly and Drew find solace in each other’s company, while Joss and Dex navigate their own challenges. Intriguingly, Carly and Sam delve into Drew’s noticeable personality shifts post-prison, sparking questions about his future actions.
  2. Esme’s Downward Spiral: Esme’s disguise as a reformed individual is under threat as she faces increasing stress from various fronts. Her discovery of Trina’s Paris plans leads to desperate actions, hinting at more turmoil and danger, especially with Ava’s looming presence and the potential departure of Trina and Spencer.
  3. Parental Power Plays: Nikolas’s determination to raise Ace as a Cassadine highlights the intense family dynamics and the desire to protect his son from a questionable heritage. This move sets the stage for potential conflicts and decisions about Ace’s upbringing, reflecting the deep-seated family rivalries in Port Charles.
  4. Sonny’s Dilemma and Dex’s Mission: Sonny, grappling with the consequences of a risky command to Dex, tries to retract his order, illustrating the complexity of his character and leadership. This scenario adds a layer of suspense, questioning whether Sonny can avert the potential fallout from his earlier decision.
  5. The Quartermaine Showdown: The ongoing feud between Michael and Ned reaches a climax as they confront each other over ELQ’s leadership. This face-off promises to be a defining moment, determining who will emerge victorious in the power struggle within one of Port Charles’ most prominent families.
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General Hospital Spoilers: Power Struggle in ELQ – Michael and Ned Face Off

Table of Contents

Support in Port Charles

In Port Charles, a wave of support and solidarity is sweeping through the town. Carly, portrayed by Laura Wright, is there for Joss, played by Courtney Fulk, in her hour of need. Meanwhile, Dex, brought to life by Evan Hofer, provides unwavering support to his girlfriend. These moments of care and compassion highlight the tight-knit community in General Hospital.

The Changing Drew

Amidst the support, concerns arise as Carly and Sam, Kelly Monaco’s character, notice Drew’s personality shifts since his release from prison. This change, portrayed by Cameron Mathison, raises questions about his future actions and the impact on those around him.

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Esme Under Pressure

Tensions mount for Esme, played by Avery Kristen Pohl, as she confronts the realities of her situation. The week starts with her learning about Trina’s, Tabyana Ali’s character, plans for Paris, escalating to a state of desperation. This cliffhanger leaves fans questioning what might drive Esme to the edge.

Nikolas and Ace

In another storyline, Nikolas, portrayed by Adam Huss, takes a stand to raise his son Ace as a Cassadine. This decision stems from his refusal to let Ace be influenced by his mother’s past. Nikolas’s protective stance marks a significant development in his character arc.

Sonny and Dex

Sonny, played by Maurice Benard, finds himself in turmoil after giving Dex a risky order. As he experiences regret, the plot thickens with Sonny attempting to stop Dex from carrying out the command. This adds a layer of suspense to the storyline.

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The Quartermaine Feud

The highlight of the week is the showdown between Michael and Ned Quartermaine, played by Chad Duell and Wally Kurth, respectively. Their longstanding rivalry over ELQ reaches a climax, promising to be a major turning point in the show.


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  1. Kitty Cat Meow

    January 13, 2024 at 3:08 pm

    Esme must be redeemed somehow. I like the actress and the character has produced a baby Cassadine.

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