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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Jada’s Divorce from Bobby Stein Never Finalized, Faked Papers Suspected

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Rafe and Jada’s marriage plans are thrown into chaos when they discover Jada’s divorce from Bobby Stein was never finalized.



Days of Our Lives spoilers Jada Hunter and Rafe Hernandez shocked by divorce revelation
Wedding Bells to Wedding Woes: Jada’s Big Surprise on “Days”

Wedding Bells to Wedding Woes: Jada’s Big Surprise on “Days”

Hold onto your hats, Salem fans, because Jada’s wedding plans just went up in smoke! She thought she was ready to tie the knot with Rafe, but surprise, surprise – turns out she’s still legally hitched to that shady Bobby Stein, also known as Everett Lynch. Talk about a soap opera bombshell!

Rafe Uncovers the Mess

It’s Rafe, always the good cop, who digs up this nasty little secret. One minute they’re planning their happily ever after, and the next, Jada’s world is turned upside down. Even Sloan, our resident legal shark, confirms those divorce papers never made it to the courthouse. Something stinks here, and it’s not just Everett’s fishy story.

A Fraudulent Decree and a Missing Ex

Okay, let’s rewind. Remember how Jada went for that quickie divorce because Bobby had skipped town? Well, it seems someone messed with her paperwork, leaving her none the wiser. Now, with what we know about Mr. Shady Everett, all bets are off. Did he sabotage the whole thing?

Jada and Stephanie Team Up

Desperate times call for unlikely alliances! Jada’s forced to team up with Stephanie (you know, Everett’s recent fling) to compare notes and get to the bottom of this mess. Even Doc Marlena’s struggling to make sense of Everett’s amnesia story. And get this: his whole “hit by a car” tale? Not adding up!

The Shady Ex Factor

Here’s the thing – Seattle ain’t exactly a small town. Could Everett really hide that well? Or maybe he never “went missing” at all. Did he pull a fast one, intercept those divorce papers himself? Rafe and Jada are starting to think so.

Multiple Personalities and Missing Files

And to make things even weirder, Marlena’s hinting that Everett might have more than a few screws loose. We’re talking multiple personalities, and he’s guarding those medical files like they’re the recipe for grandma’s secret casserole. Rafe and Jada would need a whole lot more than suspicion to get a warrant to see those.

The timeline is where things get really suspicious. Jada’s “divorce that wasn’t” and Everett’s disappearance all line up a little too perfectly. Coincidence? We think not!

So, will Jada ever get her freedom to marry Rafe? Can they expose Everett, or is his secret too well-buried? And can Stephanie handle the messy truth about the guy she just fell for? Tune in to “Days” to see this drama unfold!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Jada discovers she’s still legally married to Bobby Stein/Everett Lynch.
  2. Rafe uncovers the truth about Jada’s fraudulent divorce papers.
  3. Jada and Stephanie join forces to investigate Everett’s mysterious past.
  4. Suspicions arise that Everett may have intercepted Jada’s divorce papers.
  5. Marlena suggests Everett might have multiple personalities.


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