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General Hospital

GH Spoilers: Furious Sonny Disowns Michael After Dex Takedown Betrayal

GH spoilers reveal papa bear Sonny will shred son Michael to bits over conspiring with Carly and enemy Dex on a plot to take over his territory.



General Hospital spoilers furious Sonny remorseful Michael
General Hospital Drama Unfolds

General Hospital: A Whirlwind of Secrets and Reconciliation

Table of Contents

Kristina Reveals Romance Secret to Blaze

Buckle up, GH fans – Port Charles is serving up turbo-charged drama as secrets unravel faster than spools of thread! Our girl Kristina, brought to life by powerhouse Kate Mansi, knows she’s about to rock Blaze’s world. Jacqueline Lopez plays the nerves of steel attorney, but even Blaze shakes a bit as Kristina reveals their romance isn’t under wraps anymore thanks to super sleuth Molly. Though worried about the spotlight, Blaze may find comfort in Kristina’s promise that Molly and her man TJ will keep this juicy nugget confidential. Still, questions linger about Blaze’s coming out timeline and who’s clued in.

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Jordan’s Frustration and Anna’s Plan

Meanwhile, PC’s top cop Jordan, played by Tanisha Harper, is fuming at another botched lead. But enter secret agent royalty Anna Devane, who spies an opportunity to pick Valentin Cassadine’s devious brain for clues. Beware guys – this dream team takes names and solves cases! After dropping a shocker on Dante and Jordan, it’s spy games for Anna to unravel the looming threat to their beloved city.

Nina Provokes Drew’s Fury

And feisty femme fatale Nina (Cynthia Watros) continues stoking Drew Cain’s rage behind those baby blues. Sparks fly as Nina dares Drew to strut his stuff in a showdown over her rival media empire! Though Drew’s primed for battle, will cooler heads prevail with an offer to kiss and make up? Enter dark prince Valentin – this would-be king seems ready to broker a truce.

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Josslyn and Dex’s Close Call

Meanwhile young love is on fire as Josslyn (Eden McCoy) thanks the heavens for bad boy Dex’s second chance! But with Sonny locked and loaded over betrayal bombshells, is their new romance poised to blow sky high? Josslyn looks ready to weather any storm hand-in-hand – here’s hoping!

Sonny Confronts Michael’s Betrayal

And speaking of storms, Sonny’s epic eruption over Michael’s deception looks primed to permanently rain down disaster. With accusations flying, can this legendary family reconcile? Leave it to Maura West’s Ava – no slouch at strained family ties herself – to urge forgiveness before it’s too late. Though Kiki’s memory brings regrets, there’s light ahead if Sonny and son choose to unite.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kristina shakes Blaze with a revelation about their secret romance.
  2. Jordan’s lead fizzles, but Anna spies a chance for breakthrough.
  3. Nina’s challenge to Drew sets the stage for a possible truce.
  4. Josslyn and Dex face their challenges head-on, hoping for the best.
  5. Sonny’s wrath over Michael’s scheme hints at tough times ahead, but Ava suggests a path to forgiveness.
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