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General Hospital Spoilers: Drew’s Vengeful Crusade Against Michael Rocks Port Charles

GH spoilers: After prison changes him, Drew seeks revenge against Michael for not revealing what he knew about Nina’s tip to the SEC



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Drew Seeks Vengeance After Prison

If you thought the drama heating up Port Charles was about to cool off, you’d better think again. Drew Cain is emerging from his excruciating prison stint as a man on the ultimate vengeance mission – and nothing is gonna stand in his way. It seems Drew’s tasted one too many indignities behind bars, because now that he’s out, his once sunny personality has morphed into something dark and dangerous. Completely consumed with settling some scores, Drew has zero qualms going after anyone he believes did him dirty, even his own kin.

Drew Blames Michael for Past Errors

At the top of his retribution target list is his former nephew Michael Corinthos. See, Drew blames Michael for keeping crucial intel close to his chest – namely, insider info about Drew’s conniving ex Nina tipping off the SEC ages ago. If Michael had spilled those beans when it actually mattered, Drew’s life wouldn’t have taken quite the catastrophic turn that landed him in jail.
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Drew Targets Michael with Schemes

So now with an axe to grind and a freshly-sharpened ruthless streak, Drew is making Michael’s life a waking nightmare. He’s already scheming with lowlife Valentin Cassadine on how best to decimate Michael, while also icing out Michael’s uncle Ned Quartermaine. But if Drew thinks Michael will be served up as revenge’s sacrificial lamb, he’s got another thing coming – Michael’s mama bear Carly Spencer.

Carly Defends Her Son

Carly catches wind of Drew’s retribution obsession and instantly goes into protective mode, making it abundantly clear she won’t tolerate threats against her son. And her defensive fury may just extinguish her fiery fling with Drew for good. Because this guy is clearly not the same carefree person he was before prison warped him.
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Drew’s Dark Path

Consumed by bitterness and blazing with antagonism, the emerging Drew seems headed down a destructive path paved by revenge. If he torches every bridge in Port Charles to get his spiteful way, he may find himself more alone than ever before. The question is – can he pull himself back from the brink before he loses everything he holds dear? Or will sweet retaliation end up leaving nothing but scorched earth in its wake?

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Drew seeks revenge after difficult prison experience.
  2. He blames Michael for past failure to reveal information.
  3. Drew schemes with Valentin to target Michael.
  4. Protective Carly defends her son from threats.
  5. Drew heads down self-destructive revenge path.
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1 Comment

  1. lbc

    February 15, 2024 at 8:31 pm

    So now viewers are getting another character who blames everything that has occurred in his life on someone else. The story theme is getting old.

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