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GH Spoiler Speculation: Is Nina’s Worst Nightmare Sonny Having an Affair With Natalia Rogers-Ramirez, Blaze’s Mom?

GH Spoilers tease that Sonny Corinthos could cheat with Natalia Rogers-Ramirez, Blaze’s mom. This could break Nina’s heart after clashing over their daughters’ relationship.



General Hospital spoilers image with Sonny Corinthos Natalia Rogers Ramirez Nina Corinthos
General Hospital Drama Unfolds: Natalia Rogers-Ramirez Arrives

General Hospital Drama: Natalia Rogers-Ramirez Shakes Things Up

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Introduction to Natalia Rogers-Ramirez’s Arrival

Get ready for more drama in Port Charles with a new arrival that could really shake things up – Natalia Rogers-Ramirez, played by veteran actress Eva LaRue. She’ll be entering the scene later this month as the mother of Blaze, so you know where this is headed.

Natalia’s Disapproval of Blaze’s Relationship

Natalia will not be pleased that her daughter is dating Sonny Corinthos’ daughter Kristina. She likely sees too many red flags with Kristina being a surrogate for her sister right now on top of the dangers that can come with Sonny heading up the local mob. No caring mom wants their kid caught up in all that mess.

Sonny Defends Kristina and Blaze’s Relationship

But Sonny has always been protective of his own children and the people they date. He’ll defend Kristina as a good match for Blaze and support their right as adults to make their own decisions. However, Sonny pushing back against Natalia’s meddling could create some heated friction between the two opinionated parents.

Potential Consequences of Natalia and Sonny’s Friction

And Port Charles veterans know fiery clashes can sometimes lead to passionate romps between enemies-turned-lovers. If Sonny and Natalia ended up in a compromising position, can you imagine the absolute chaos it would unleash on their daughters and families?

Especially with Sonny’s marriage to Nina already on shaky ground lately, an ill-advised fling could be the final betrayal that ends Nina’s affection for her husband permanently. Even if the spark burnt out fast for Sonny and Natalia, the damage from their chemistry could impact a lot of lives.

Watch for Potential Passion between Natalia and Sonny

So strap in, General Hospital fans. When the talented Eva LaRue steps into the role of Natalia on February 26th, keep an eye out for potential passion with Sonny behind their daughters’ backs. Will they cross a line that can’t be uncrossed for desire’s sake? Or keep their wits to simply have a war of words? However it goes, sparks are sure to fly one way or another!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Natalia Rogers-Ramirez’s arrival in Port Charles is set to stir the pot.
  2. Her disapproval of her daughter’s relationship introduces new conflicts.
  3. Sonny’s protective nature could lead to unexpected alliances or clashes.
  4. The potential for a scandalous liaison between Natalia and Sonny looms large.
  5. The storyline promises to deliver high drama and impactful consequences for all involved.


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  1. lbc

    February 15, 2024 at 3:27 pm

    Nina is so insecure she would think Sonny was having an affair with any one who wears a skirt if the have any type of involvement with that female. The idea of Sonny having interest in Blaze’s mom is a good one. Let insecure Nina sizzle in the the pot she has left on the stove to boil. I think before there may be a Sonny/Carly reunion, both should have other relationships just to make things interesting.

  2. Lizbeth Smock

    February 17, 2024 at 7:01 pm

    That would give Carly a reason to gloat at Nina saying “now you know how it feels to get cheated on”.

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