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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Valentin’s Bold Takeover Shocks Alexis!

Valentin stuns Alexis with his latest power move in Port Charles. Spoilers ahead!



General Hospital spoilers Valentin Cassadines takeover Alexis Davis reacts
General Hospital Episode Highlights

General Hospital Episode Highlights

Valentin’s Big News to Alexis and Gregory

Port Charles is abuzz with excitement and suspense leading up to General Hospital’s February 19th episode. Alexis and Gregory meet up at The Invader office, anticipation thick in the air. Suddenly, Valentin makes a grand entrance with big news that shakes things up for Alexis. He reveals working with Nina on a strategic plan to get ahead of Drew and Carly, already putting schemes in motion.

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During his visit, Valentin suggests Alexis and Gregory should feel good about taking down Olivia Jerome. But he quickly shifts focus to his main reason for being there. He mentions Shawn Butler was meant to pass a message to Alexis, which she recalls receiving but hasn’t read yet. Valentin then drops a bombshell: he and Shawn sealed a deal making Valentin the new owner of The Invader! Nina shows up soon after, hoping to catch the breaking developments.

Josslyn’s Struggle with Sonny’s Decision

Meanwhile, Josslyn grapples with her feelings after Sonny ran Dex out of town, vowing to Carly not to let Sonny control her relationship with Dex.

Lois’s Surprise Plan for Brook Lynn and Tracy

The episode also teases other intrigue. Lois hints at a surprise for Brook Lynn and Tracy, leaving Tracy feeling overlooked.

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Curtis Comforts Trina in Tough Times

Elsewhere, Curtis comforts Trina during a tough time, and Stella helps Marshall find long-sought answers.

Stella and Marshall’s Quest for Answers

Tune into ABC’s General Hospital for your fill of drama, romance and surprise twists with the Port Charles crew. From heartwarming moments to tense confrontations, this episode promises can’t-miss action and entertainment that keeps fans coming back.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Valentin’s strategic movements with Nina impact Port Charles significantly.
  2. Josslyn is determined not to let Sonny dictate her relationship with Dex.
  3. Lois’s surprise plan adds intrigue for Brook Lynn and Tracy.
  4. Curtis offers much-needed comfort to Trina amidst her challenges.
  5. Stella and Marshall’s journey towards finding answers promises more depth.
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