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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Carly’s Ultimatum to Drew Over Nina Feud Ignites Drama!

GH spoilers reveal Carly’s plea to Drew against Nina’s feud. Will peace prevail?



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General Hospital Weekly Spoilers

General Hospital: Drama and Music Collide

Table of Contents

Musical Matchmaking at Charlie’s Pub

This Thursday on “General Hospital” brings together music and drama at Charlie’s Pub, with Sasha hoping her karaoke night idea will help rekindle that old spark between exes Maxie and Spinelli. Maybe singing a cute duet will stir up memories and feelings from the past! Fans sure hope this musical matchmaking works its magic.

Tensions Between Carly and Drew

Meanwhile, tensions between Carly and Drew reach new heights. Carly’s had it with Drew’s neverending revenge kick against Nina. She confronts him, arguing they need to end this cycle of payback that’s consuming them before it goes too far. But Drew won’t budge. He’s convinced Nina hasn’t paid enough for what she did. This conversation shows how differently they view the situation – Carly wants closure while Drew is still out for justice.

Anna Defies Opposition

The unstoppable Anna Devane also faces opposition this week from Jagger, who wants her latest scheming shut down. But Anna doesn’t scare easily, even from authority figures. She plans to use Cyrus’ prison ministry thing to help her own sneaky plans along. Gotta admire her willingness to creatively bend the rules and not back down when challenged! Classic Anna.

Sonny and Selina Team Up

And Sonny and Selina decide to work together to figure out who the mole is that leaked sensitive information from their organization. They squeeze a guard for intel, hoping to plug the leaks and punish whoever betrayed them. When Sonny’s in pursuit of answers and payback, he doesn’t quit till he gets results.

So get ready for music, drama, action and intrigue on this week’s “General Hospital”! Things are definitely heating up.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Karaoke night might reignite old flames between Maxie and Spinelli.
  2. Carly and Drew’s feud over Nina intensifies, with no end in sight.
  3. Anna Devane refuses to back down from Jagger’s threats.
  4. Sonny and Selina form an unlikely alliance to uncover a traitor.
  5. “General Hospital” promises a week filled with music, drama, and action.


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