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General Hospital

General Hospital Spoilers: Maxie and Lucy’s Business Clash Heats Up; Valentin Receives Shocking News



Maxie Lucy General Hospital Spoilers

Top 5 Takeaways & General Hospital Spoilers:

  1. Maxie’s Struggle with Lucy: Maxie Jones is facing the pressures of being a single mom and trying to maintain financial stability. But her relationship with Lucy Coe is strained. Lucy wants things her way, which could lead the two into a conflict, especially concerning the future of Deception.
  2. Celebrations and New Bonds: Ned Quartermaine, also known as “Eddie Maine,” lands a new gig. Kristina Corinthos-Davis forges a fresh friendship, while Molly Lansing-Davis receives some welcome news. There’s also the brewing excitement between Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson.
  3. The Surrogacy Suspense: Molly and TJ Ashford’s journey towards surrogacy seems to be moving at a rapid pace. But given how smooth things appear, fans might need to brace for unexpected complications or twists that could affect their relationship and Molly’s bond with Kristina.
  4. Valentin’s Unexpected Turn: Valentin Cassadine is set for a surprise this week. But he isn’t the only one dealing with personal matters. Brook Lynn Quartermaine has something crucial to confess, and Anna Devane hits a stumbling block in her investigations.
  5. Sasha’s Kidnapping Mystery: With Cody Bell possibly implicated in the kidnapping of Sasha Gilmore, Sam McCall reaches out to Willow Tait for assistance. Willow’s close relationship with Sasha might provide the key to unraveling this mystery.
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General Hospital Spoilers: Tensions Rise between Maxie and Lucy; What’s in Store for Valentin?

General Hospital spoilers for the week of September 18 are here, and fans are in for some thrilling twists and turns in Port Charles.

Early in the week, sparks fly in the business world, and it seems Deception’s future hangs in the balance. Maxie Jones, the resilient single mother portrayed by Kirsten Jones, finds herself in a tricky financial situation after moving her kids into their new home. But as any avid soap viewer knows, it’s never easy street for our favorite characters. The Deceptor lawsuit has thrown the business partners for a loop.

Lucy Coe, brought to life by the fantastic Lynn Herring, seems hell-bent on marching to the beat of her own drum. Tensions escalate, leading to a potential face-off between Lucy and Maxie. And while both women have their reasons, who will come out on top?

Now, to happier news, celebrations are in order. Ned Quartermaine, or should we say “Eddie Maine,” played by the talented Wally Kurth, is gearing up for a new gig. Meanwhile, fans can expect an apology from Cody Bell, portrayed by Josh Kelly.

As the week unfolds, Spencer Cassadine and Trina Robinson, played by Nicholas Alexander Chavez and Tabyana Ali respectively, brim with excitement. And speaking of celebrations, Molly Lansing-Davis, played by Brooke Anne Smith, has some joyful news to share.

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But there’s a twist. As Molly and TJ Ashford, depicted by Tajh Bellow, rapidly navigate the surrogacy journey, fans can’t help but speculate. Such swift progress usually indicates impending drama in the soap world. What lies ahead for the couple? And could these events mend the strained relationship between sisters Molly and Kristina Corinthos-Davis?

More shockers are in store for the residents of Port Charles. Valentin Cassadine, portrayed by James Patrick Stuart, stumbles upon unexpected news. Martin Grey, the character of Michael E. Knight, finds himself under intense scrutiny. And if you thought the drama stopped there, think again. Brook Lynn Quartermaine, played by Amanda Setton, has some confessions to share.

In a surprising turn, Brook Lynn confronts Tracy Quartermaine, portrayed by the evergreen Jane Elliott. Anna Devane, played by Finola Hughes, encounters a stumbling block. And as the week reaches its climax, Sam McCall, brought to life by Kelly Monaco, seeks Willow Tait’s assistance. Can Willow, depicted by Katelyn MacMullen, lend a helping hand?

Drama doesn’t stop for anyone in Port Charles. Drew Cain, the role of Cameron Mathison, becomes a potential target. Meanwhile, Portia Robinson, played by Brook Kerr, can’t shake the feeling of being sidelined.

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The coming week promises a roller coaster of emotions for the viewers. What surprises do the fates have in store for Anna, Valentin, Brook Lynn, Tracy, Lucy, and Maxie? How will the narratives for Spencer, Trina, Cody, Sasha, Sonny Corinthos, Molly, and Kristina unfold?


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