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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Konstantin Threatens John and Steve’s Friendship, Marlena Tackles Mystery

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal Konstantin threatens John and Steve’s friendship, Kayla intervenes, and Marlena unravels an Everett Lynch mystery.



Konstantin Meleounis John Black Steve Johnson
A Wedding, a Bombshell, and a Twisted Love Triangle: Your Days of Our Lives Weekly Update Maggie Horton Kiriakis, one tough lady and Days of Our Lives legend, is set to take the plunge… again! But Maggie’s not about to walk down the aisle without a prenup tighter than a bank vault. She’s getting hitched to Konstantin Meleounis, but who can blame Maggie for wanting to keep her hard-earned fortune? Speaking of scheming, Konstantin’s not too thrilled about this prenup. While he plays the agreeable fiancé, he’s got Theresa Donovan– you know, Alex Kiriakis’s sometimes-flame – checking that contract for any way to cash in. Hey, who wouldn’t be suspicious of a guy calling himself “Konny”? Meanwhile, Theresa’s got jealousy burning hotter than a Salem summer over Alex cozying up to none other than Kristen DiMera. Yikes, that might be worse than any legal battle! Speak of the devil, Kristen, along with her brother Stefan, is on a mission. These two won’t rest until they’ve sprung Gabi Hernandez-DiMera out of the slammer. And let’s be real, that’s not all they’re after. Kristen and Stefan have got EJ in their crosshairs, ready to take him down. But the DiMera dysfunction is nothing compared to whatever’s going on at “Black Patch.” Konstantin’s got some kind of grudge, messing with the legendary friendship of John Black and Steve Johnson. Kayla Johnson, the queen of Salem medicine herself, is begging Steve to bury the hatchet with his best bud. This sounds way more serious than who ate the last donut. Switching gears, Brady Black and his adorable daughter Rachel are spending some quality time together. It’s about time Brady had some sweetness in his life. Meanwhile, the other doc in town, Marlena Evans, is tackling a mystery of her own. Could it be about newcomer Bobby Stein and his shady past? We all remember Chanel Dupree-DiMera’s poisoning scare and it ain’t over yet! Chanel’s feeling sick, despite Kayla giving her the all-clear. Remember how Kayla warned about some weird symptoms popping up? Looks like that was a red flag because it’s about to go down for Chanel. Could her health crisis be connected to Paulina’s crazy rescue mission in those radioactive tunnels? Yikes! The drama doesn’t stop! Get this: Tripp Johnson and Wendy Shin are packing their bags for Hong Kong. Let’s hope they bought extra suitcases for souvenirs! Back in Salem, Eric Brady and Sloan Petersen-Brady are at it again. Sloan has got Eric’s head spinning, and he’s turning right back to Nicole, back to working with her at The Spectator. Sparks are flying, folks, and it leads to Nicole pouring her heart out to Marlena, admitting her feelings are a total mess. And in a move that could shake things up, Sloan shuts off the money faucet for spoiled Leo. Talk about desperate times – Leo jets off to EJ, probably hoping to spill some secrets for cash. Question is, will EJ finally tell Nicole the truth about little Jude Brady? Or, with “Ericole” getting close again, will he stay quiet to protect his marriage?


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