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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen and Alex’s Plan to Ignite Jealousy

DOOL spoilers: Kristen DiMera & Alex Kiriakis’s new plan to spark envy. Will it work?



Days of Our Lives spoilers Kristen DiMera Alex Kiriakis
Days of Our Lives: Schemes, Revelations, and Truths Unfold

Days of Our Lives: Schemes, Revelations, and Truths Unfold

Get ready for a week of drama, scheming, and revelations on Days of our Lives!

Table of Contents

Kristen and Alex’s Jealousy Plot

Kristen and Alex are back at it again, plotting to make their former flames green with envy. But will their plan backfire? Brady’s no dummy, and he might just see right through their little charade.

Everett’s Uncertainty and Suspicion

Meanwhile, Everett’s feeling the heat as Stephanie seems to be slipping through his fingers. Seeing her in Chad’s arms has him wondering if she’s ready to move on. But let’s not forget, there’s more to Everett than meets the eye. Is he really the reformed man he claims to be, or is there a sinister side lurking beneath the surface?

Holly’s Confession to Eric

In other news, Holly’s finally mustered up the courage to come clean to Eric about what really went down on New Year’s Eve. It’s a truth that could set her and Tate free, but will it be enough to convince their parents to let them be together? Only time will tell.

Theresa’s Strategy and Konstantin’s Influence

As the week unfolds, we’ll see Kristen and Alex put their plan into action, causing quite the scene in the process. Theresa’s got her own agenda, though, with Konstantin urging her to keep digging for that Kiriakis gold. Will she take the bait and go after Alex, or is her heart still set on Brady?

Jada’s Warning to Stephanie

Jada’s warning to Stephanie about steering clear of Everett seems to be falling on deaf ears, but could she be onto something? With suspicions swirling about his involvement in the Horton house fire, it’s clear that there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Kristen and Alex attempt to spark jealousy in Brady and Theresa.
  2. Everett’s true nature remains a mystery amidst suspicions.
  3. Holly’s honesty about NYE could change her future with Tate.
  4. Theresa faces a dilemma between Brady and Alex, influenced by Konstantin.
  5. Jada warns Stephanie, suggesting Everett’s possible dark side.

So, buckle up, DOOL fans, because next week is going to be a wild ride! Will Kristen and Alex’s scheme pay off, or will they be left with egg on their faces? Can Everett win back Stephanie’s trust, or is he destined to lose her forever? And will Holly’s confession be the key to unlocking a future with Tate? Tune in to find out!


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