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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Kristen Ditches Stefan, Aims for DiMera Throne as Stefan Seeks Leverage

Kristen DiMera calls off her alliance with Stefan DiMera after discovering a way to gain control of DiMera Enterprises without him.



Days of Our Lives spoilers Kristen DiMera Stefan DiMera
Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad’s Quest, Chanel’s Move, and Stefan’s Dilemma

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chad’s Quest, Chanel’s Move, and Stefan’s Dilemma

Days of Our Lives fans, get ready for a Friday filled with shocking revelations and daring decisions in Salem!

Chad and Julie Investigate Clyde’s Lead on Abigail

Chad DiMera is about to receive a glimmer of hope in his quest to find Abigail. Clyde Weston claims to have information about a safe deposit box in Chicago that could prove Abigail is alive. Will Chad and Julie Williams believe Clyde’s story, or will they dismiss it as another one of his lies?

Meanwhile, Thomas DiMera overhears a conversation between Chad and Julie about Abigail and starts asking questions. Chad, not wanting to get the boy’s hopes up prematurely, quickly covers up their discussion. This close call prompts Chad to be more careful about what he says around the children.

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Undeterred, Chad vows to uncover the truth behind the safe deposit box, and Julie agrees to accompany him to Chicago. Their journey to find answers is about to begin!

Chanel Reveals Plans to Move to Los Angeles with Johnny

Elsewhere in Salem, Chanel DiMera reveals her plans to move to Los Angeles with Johnny DiMera. Paulina Price, worried that her daughter is trying to distance herself, expresses her concerns. Will this move strain their relationship further?

Kristen Ends Alliance with Stefan, Holds Power Over Him

Kristen DiMera drops a bombshell on Stefan DiMera, explaining why she’s abruptly ended their alliance. It seems a recent phone call has revealed a new path to the DiMera Enterprises throne, one that doesn’t require Stefan’s help.

Stefan, however, reminds Kristen of their deal and begs her to keep her word. But Kristen holds a powerful card: she could expose Stefan’s betrayal with Ava Vitali and jeopardize his plans to free Gabi Hernandez-Dimera from prison. Will Kristen ultimately relent and help Stefan, or will she pursue her own ambitions?

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Stefan Considers Deal with Clyde to Free Gabi

Stefan finds himself at a crossroads, considering a shady deal with Clyde in exchange for information that could incriminate Gil Carter. Desperate to free Gabi, Stefan is willing to explore all options, even if it means bending the rules.

Stefan Searches for Paternity Report to Gain Leverage Over EJ

In a surprising turn of events, Stefan opens the DiMera safe, hoping to uncover the genetic report that could reveal “Jude DiMera’s” true paternity. If he succeeds, Stefan could gain significant leverage over EJ DiMera.

The stakes are high as Stefan continues his quest to free Gabi. Tune in to Days of Our Lives on Friday, June 14th, for an action-packed episode filled with suspense, intrigue, and family drama!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Chad and Julie investigate Clyde’s lead about a safe deposit box that could prove Abigail is alive.
  2. Chanel reveals her plans to move to Los Angeles with Johnny, worrying Paulina.
  3. Kristen ends her alliance with Stefan and holds power over him by threatening to expose his betrayal with Ava.
  4. Stefan considers a shady deal with Clyde to gain information that could help free Gabi.
  5. Stefan searches for a paternity report in the DiMera safe to gain leverage over EJ.
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