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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Everett Lynch aka Bobby Stein May Gain Control of John Through Konstantin’s Missing Card

A missing control card for John sends Konstantin into a panic on Days of Our Lives, as Everett/Bobby could use it to manipulate John.



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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Big Trouble Ahead in Salem!

Get ready, Days of Our Lives fans, because things are about to explode! One of the bad guys, Konstantin, is in a total panic because he lost something that gives him way too much power.

Konstantin’s Panic Over Missing John Control Card

It’s a little red card, and that card means he can control John, who’s been acting like his puppet for way too long. Talk about creepy!

Thomas Takes Konstantin’s Card While Playing

But here’s the kicker – Thomas, a little kid, took the card while playing hide and seek. He doesn’t get how much trouble something like that can cause! This is the worst kind of nightmare for Konstantin.

Everett/Bobby Could Cause Chaos with the Card

Imagine if someone who really wants to shake things up got their hands on that card…they could make John do their dirty work. That spells disaster for everyone in Salem!

So what’s gonna happen? Well, Thomas is just a kid, and you know how it is – stuff gets lost, toys get left behind. He might just drop the card anywhere. Maybe even at the newspaper office, where things always seem to get messy. And guess who hangs around there? Everett, who also goes by the creepier name Bobby. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he stumbled onto the card. Even if he doesn’t know what it does at first, that guy is a ticking time bomb, always ready to stir up trouble.

John Could Become Bobby’s Pawn

Speaking of Bobby, this whole missing card mess could bring out his dark side in a big way. If he figures out how to use that card, John could end up doing some terrible stuff. And you know what? It might make Bobby start getting ideas of his own. Someone that manipulative wouldn’t want to miss a chance to use John for his own evil plans. Yikes!

Previously on Days of Our Lives:

Yesterday on Days of Our Lives, Steve tried to make things better with Kayla after keeping a big, messy secret from her. He brought her flowers (sweet, right?), but let’s just say she’s not ready to forgive and forget just yet! Can you blame her?

Everett tried to smooth things over with Stephanie, but she’s got some questions. Like, does he still have feelings for Jada? He acts like he doesn’t even know her, but there’s a dark look on his face when Stephanie mentioned his other name – Robert Stein. Something weird is definitely going on there…and it doesn’t smell like roses.

And, get this, Ava showed up all flustered at Harris’s room and kissed him! Drama! Love triangles always keep things interesting, don’t they?

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Konstantin panics as his control card for John goes missing.
  2. Thomas innocently takes the dangerous card while playing.
  3. Everett/Bobby could find the card and unleash chaos.
  4. John may become Bobby’s unwitting pawn if he gains control.
  5. Ava kisses Harris amid romantic complications.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. cathy t

    April 14, 2024 at 9:42 am

    looks like the writers r going to drag this stupid card thing on and on. so sick of three stupid storylines. Constantine and the card clyde and now maybe Everette. bobby with the card. this is getting so ridiculous. been a fan for over 50 yrs and have never had also many evil stories at the same time. get rid of replacement writers and get the real lone back although I am not crazy about the original one the negativity they write, they’re ruining days with stupid storylines. i know it a soap but you can at least write some happy stories, now I read Chanel and Paulina Go Missing so they write, but they could be phony people writing comments like this

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