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Days Of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex Stumbles Upon Theresa’s Kiss with Brady

Thrilling Days of Our Lives spoilers: Theresa Donovan’s bold move with Brady Black leads to a surprising encounter with Alex Kiriakis.



Days of Our Lives spoilers featuring Theresa Donovan Brady Black and Alex Kiriakis

Top 5 Takeaways & Days of Our Lives Spoilers

  1. Sarah Horton’s Secret Box: In a captivating turn of events, Sarah Horton moves into Xander Cook’s apartment, leading to a mysterious discovery. Xander’s curiosity is piqued by a ‘Xander box’ Sarah warns him about, setting the stage for a revealing and potentially heartfelt moment between the two.
  2. Johnny DiMera’s Romantic Proposal: Johnny DiMera takes a leap of love, proposing remarriage to Chanel Dupree. Despite Chanel’s initial hesitations and her request for a proper proposal, Johnny’s grand gesture with a dazzling engagement ring might just win her over again.
  3. Uncomfortable Dinner at the Johnsons: The Johnson household becomes the setting for an awkward dinner, involving Stephanie Johnson, Tripp Johnson, Wendy Shin, and the notably unwelcome guest, Everett Lynch. Tensions rise as Steve Johnson questions the nature of Stephanie and Everett’s relationship, adding complexity to their budding closeness.
  4. Sloan Petersen-Brady’s Dinner Disaster: A dinner hosted by Sloan Petersen-Brady and Eric Brady takes an unexpected turn when Sloan, overwhelmed by nerves, drinks too much and embarrasses herself in front of Marlena Evans and John Black. Her inebriated state raises concerns about potential slip-ups regarding Jude Brady.
  5. Theresa Donovan’s Bold Move: Theresa Donovan stirs the pot by stealing a kiss from Brady Black, leading to complications when Alex Kiriakis walks in on them. This incident adds another layer to the already intricate web of relationships and love triangles
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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alex Kiriakis Walks in on Theresa and Brady’s Unexpected Moment

Table of Contents

Sarah and Xander’s New Chapter

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for the week of January 15-19 reveal a charming twist in Sarah Horton and Xander Cook’s relationship. As Sarah moves her belongings into Xander’s apartment, she comes across a box filled with memories, igniting curiosity and leading to a deeper connection between the pair. Their bond strengthens as they rediscover their past and look forward to their future together.

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Johnny’s Proposal to Chanel

In a romantic development, Johnny DiMera takes a leap of faith, proposing remarriage to Chanel Dupree. However, Chanel’s reservations about the impulsiveness of the gesture lead to an endearing moment where Johnny gets down on one knee, showcasing his commitment and love with a dazzling ring, hoping for Chanel’s acceptance.

The Johnsons’ Awkward Dinner Party

An uncomfortable dinner unfolds at the Johnson household, with tension and unease filling the air. Hosts Steve and Kayla Johnson find themselves navigating the complexities of family dynamics and the ambiguous relationship between Stephanie Johnson and Everett Lynch, leading to moments of discomfort and revelation.

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Sloan’s Dinner Mishap

The evening at Sloan Petersen-Brady and Eric Brady’s place takes a turn for the worse when Sloan, overwhelmed by nerves, drinks too much. This leads to an embarrassing situation in front of Marlena Evans and John Black, as Sloan’s inhibitions lower and she speaks more freely than intended. It’s a night of revelations and mishaps, setting the stage for future complications in Sloan’s relationships.

Theresa’s Bold Move with Brady

Theresa Donovan’s unexpected move of stealing a kiss from Brady Black adds a new layer of intrigue to the intricate web of relationships in Salem. The situation becomes even more complex when Alex Kiriakis unexpectedly walks in on this intimate moment, potentially sparking new conflicts and challenges in the love triangle.

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    January 15, 2024 at 5:54 pm

    I’m thinking with Holly being out for who knows how long,lt’s likely to put the baby theft on hold!👎🏼💩 I have watched this show since the beginning, it’s always the stories you want most take too to bring us closure 🤬🤬🤬🤬

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