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General Hospital Spoilers: Jason to the Rescue? Will He Buy Back Carly’s Metro Court Share?

GH spoilers: Jason learns of Nina’s treachery. Will he buy back Carly’s Metro Court to get revenge?



General Hospital spoilers cARLY Jason Morgan and Nina Reeves
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Table of Contents

  1. Jason Morgan’s Shocking Return to Port Charles
  2. Courtroom Chaos and Lost Assets for Jason
  3. Carly Corinthos’s Crumbling World Without Jason
  4. What’s Next for Jason’s Dramatic Homecoming?

Jason’s return has sent shockwaves through town. Since his reappearance, everyone wants a piece of him, especially his lawyer, Diane. Sitting down with her, Jason got the whole scoop on what’s gone down while he was away. And boy, is there a lot to unpack!

First things first, Carly has been through the wringer. Jason’s heart sank when he heard how Nina schemed her way into Sonny’s life, swiping Carly’s best friend and her share of the Metro Court. Talk about a double whammy!

Courtroom Chaos and Lost Assets

Diane didn’t stop there. She revealed that Jason’s estate has been stuck in probate for ages since he was presumed dead. Imagine that – his own fortune frozen in time. Jason wants to set things right and it looks like Diane’s his woman to get the job done.

The biggest question on everyone’s mind: will Jason swoop in and buy back Carly’s half of the Metro Court? That would knock Nina right off her high horse…and we’d all pay good money to see that!

Carly’s Crumbling World

Carly’s world is in shambles, and it’s been painful to watch. She’s not dealing well with losing the hotel, a place that holds so many memories. If Jason could take that burden away, even just a little, would it give Carly the strength she needs? Or is it just wishful thinking?

What’s Next?

One thing’s for sure, Friday’s episode is gonna be lit. Will Jason show up for Carly in a major way? We can only wait and see!

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Jason Morgan has shockingly returned to Port Charles.
  2. Jason’s estate has been frozen due to his presumed death.
  3. Carly Corinthos’s life crumbled without her friend Jason.
  4. Nina schemed to take Carly’s friend and business.
  5. Jason may buy back Carly’s share of the Metro Court.


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