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The Bold and the Beautiful

B&B Spoilers: Matthew Atkinson Weighs In on Thomas’ Engagement to Paris, Says It’s Not a Rebound

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal Matthew Atkinson’s thoughts on Thomas’ engagement to Paris. Atkinson believes it’s genuine, not a rebound or manipulation, but acknowledges Thomas’ lingering feelings for Hope.



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Thomas and Paris: A True Love Story or a Manipulative Scheme?

Thomas and Paris: A True Love Story or a Manipulative Scheme?

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Thomas Drops Engagement Bombshell on Hope

The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) fans were left reeling when Thomas Forrester dropped a bombshell: he’s engaged to Paris Buckingham! Hope Logan, still harboring feelings for Thomas, is struggling to come to terms with this sudden twist. But what’s the real story behind Thomas’ new relationship? Is his love for Paris genuine, or is it merely a rebound fling, perhaps even a ploy to manipulate Hope?

Matthew Atkinson’s Perspective on Thomas’ Motivations

In a recent interview, Matthew Atkinson, the talented actor who brings Thomas to life, shed some light on the situation. Atkinson admitted that he didn’t have his usual in-depth discussion with B&B Head Writer and Executive Producer Bradley Bell about this particular storyline. As a result, he can’t be certain whether his interpretation aligns perfectly with Bell’s vision.

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However, Atkinson did share his perspective on Thomas’ motivations. He believes that Thomas is genuinely trying to move on from Hope and the pain of her rejection. But as Atkinson astutely pointed out, it’s difficult to completely suppress old feelings, especially when faced with the object of those feelings in person. It’s clear that some of Thomas’ love for Hope still lingers, which could spell trouble for his relationship with Paris.

Thomas’ Lingering Feelings for Hope

Despite this lingering love, Atkinson is optimistic that Thomas could eventually move on from Hope. But for now, his feelings remain complex, and his whirlwind romance with Paris seems a bit hasty.

“I don’t think that Paris is a rebound for Thomas, but I do think that he wasn’t completely over that relationship [with Hope] before he got into a new one,” Atkinson revealed.

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Can Thomas Truly Move On from Hope?

As for whether Thomas’ engagement is a manipulative tactic, Atkinson is adamant that it’s not. “The last thing he’s ever wanted to do is hurt her,” he insisted.

Is Thomas’ Engagement a Manipulative Tactic?

The B&B star also expressed hope that Thomas won’t repeat the mistakes of his past, but only time will tell.

With Hope now aware of Thomas and Paris’ engagement, the drama is sure to intensify. Stay tuned to B&B to see how Hope navigates this tumultuous situation and whether Thomas’ love for Paris is truly genuine or just another chapter in his complicated romantic history.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Thomas shocks Hope with news of his engagement to Paris.
  2. Matthew Atkinson believes Thomas is genuinely trying to move on from Hope.
  3. Thomas still harbors some lingering feelings for Hope.
  4. Atkinson is optimistic that Thomas could eventually move on from Hope.
  5. Atkinson insists Thomas’ engagement is not a manipulative tactic.
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